Friday, January 8, 2010

Where do you find Blood Moss?

Question and comments here from Amber StormTamer:
Hey Friendly,
I'm a big fan. Even if you are Death and I'm Storm (this is something that makes no sense to my twin brother).
And since you are pretty close to all-knowing about Wizard101 (I heard about Smogger. Ouch), I wanted to ask you a question.
Where can you find Blood Moss?! I've been staking out the Bazaar for weeks, and nothing! Nada! Zippo! Someone always buys it before me and I need two pieces of Blood Moss to complete my FloodFire shoes! Please, I beg of you, help!

Amber StormTamer

Hi Amber! I'm glad you're a fan even though you're not a death student, and I hope that the blog posts here appeal to all wizards. I just happen to have chosen Death magic for my main character. Since then I have also taken a storm and a life wizard to Grandmaster, and I'm working on a few others with my wife. COME ALL YE WIZARDS!

Now, on to your question . . . Blood Moss is the rare reagent you get from Red Mandrake. So if you're looking for Blood Moss, you need to go where all the Red Mandrake is, namely Firecat Alley in Wizard City. Yup, hop on that mount and run the circles in Firecat alley to collect Red Mandrake and hopefully get a rare blood moss here and there. But if all you need are two Blood Moss, then all you need to do is get 30 Red Mandrake and STOP RUNNING CIRCLES! Just use the transmute mandrake to blood moss recipe to change 15 of those mandrake into 1 blood moss.

Here's a quick guide I wrote up on where to find all the transmute recipes for crafting.

Best of luck to you and your twin brother!

Happy Dueling!


smvb said...

Whenever I port into Wizard City, I go into the Darkside cave and check for red mandrake there. There are three spots where it could appear, and unless someone has picked it recently, there is one there. Then I change realms to see if there is one on a different realm, and then I go back out of the cave and get on with the reason I went to Wizard City. I do this with whichever wizard I play, regardless of whether they have a current need for it, since I know all of mine will need it eventually.

Sierra Starsong said...

So the mandrake grows mostly in Firecat Alley? Good to know, I'm working on those bookshelves for my Master Artisan badge.

smvb: For that final quest, is it worth it for GM's to do Sunken City runs just to hunt for mandrake/moss?

smvb said...

I don't think Sunken City is worth it. But you can give it a try and see for yourself.

My favorite place is at the end of Colossus Ave. There is one spawn site at the baron's castle in a front corner, one spawn on the island in the street, and two spawns on either side of the ramp down to the big gobbler king castle. If no one has gotten them, there are usually two red mandrakes in that area. But it can be a busy area, so I would go early or late.

smvb said...

I meant "...two spawns, one on either side of the ramp...."

Amber StormTamer said...

Thanks, Friendly! ^_^

1Handed Elephant Lover said...

Yes. That was very helpful!

Shadow961393 said...

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Heather Emeraldflame said...

Not that you might see this, Friendly, but I was jsut going through some of your old posts. I wanted to add that there are SEVEN spawn spots on Cyclops Lane. And if you have a mount you can run the entire street in about a minute and then realm-hop to the next one. You just start near where the first part of the street the left, in front of Private Sweeney) of the bridge and in the spot is between two trees. Then you run over to where Rand Taymore is. Then just follow that side of the street around, check the island with the trees where the street splits. Then there are two places by the major boss places there too.
This is mow I got all mine when I made all the big stuff that required it.