Thursday, April 2, 2015

The *KingsIsle* Office

Hope you enjoyed your April Fool's everyone!

I'm just going to leave this here:

We had a lot of fun watching your reactions to the Wonky Donkey mount (which was hilarious by the way--thanks for all the punchlines and for sharing all your pictures and laughs with us).

Ahem! So if I could paint the picture of how this video idea was born, it would simply be me and Leala sitting at our desks, shooting the breeze about the upcoming April Fool's Day event with Wonky when Leala asked (and encouraged), "What should we do? We should do something!" That's always a dangerous question . . .

Before you know it, Leala was writing up a script, and I was donning a robe and black fingernail polish. LOL!

We shot the entire video in a couple hours at the end of work one day with a few willing and accidental victims. (Not to mention Leala's time sculpting the perfect stapler in Jello mold. She's amazing.) After that, our hard working video editing genius, Damon Brown, did his entire production magic over the course of a couple days--then it was just a matter of adding credits and anxiously sitting on the video until today.

Have I told you how much I love working with hardworking creative people? The KingsIsle Team dreamed up a really awesome mount this year (I should mention Karl Holbert was the real inventive genius behind the Wonkey Donkey, not Retired Malistaire!), and our Community and Social Media team simply tried to help us step up to the plate.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did making it for you! Good times.

Happy Dueling!