Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bear Acuda and a Todd Pole *check*

Hey all!

Just a quick update.  I finished up the fishing quests earlier today in Grizzleheim.

At first I was kind of miffed at Haarek Silverscale for giving me his backside when we were talkin'.

But then I realized that a fisherman never breaks his gaze from the water.  You might miss that spacebar moment when you see your magic orb pop underneath the water! Although, to be honest I had already had my fill of bear snout in my face. Eek!

Them there be some teeth on that thing!  I can't believe I'm swimming in the same water that thing is in! Looks bitey.

I think for me personally (I know everyone has their own horror story about an extremely hard fish to catch) the hardest fish was that fish sandwich back in Cyclops Lane.

Someone somewhere said that the Fish Sandwich fish was making them crave an actual fish sandwich.  I agree.  Nom.

Probably the surprise catch for me was this pet egg in a treasure chest!

Now what kind of person puts an egg in a chest along with 1450 gold and some mistwood and throws it into the water? eh? (Actually, I can see putting the mistwood in a box and chucking it away.) In the past, I'd blame aliens, but . . . Ha! You know, it would be a funny quest to have Pirates in Pirate101 put things into treasure chests and throw them into the rivers of Grizzleheim.  Aliens? No . . . Pirates are the only explanation for crazy stuff like this sometimes! *nods*

I think the big takeaway lesson I learned from my fishing experience is how to target those little guys in the water.

What I do is imagine I have a big X on the back of my head. (Being a Community Manager, that's usually the case anyway . . . .) 

That's about the spot where the lure will end up every time I cast it out.  If the fish will be near that spot in 2 seconds, I cast out my line.


Anyway, fishing was a fun distraction, but I think it's time to get back to my adventures in Khyrsalis.

Happy Dueling!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fishing Arrives in Wizard101!

That's right . . . the servers came back online around 5:00am US Central, and the joys of fishing in Wizard101 were opened to the world today. I took a quick look this morning, and it was pretty awesome to see a strange shift in the Commons! Instead of everyone standing or sitting around on their mounts, there was a frenzy of activity around and in the lake--catchin' up whoppers! How awesome is that?

I joined in the fun and caught my first icecuda fish. :)

. . . and promptly put him in my house.

Awwww! First fish cuteness! He'll love hanging out by my Krokotopian sacrifice table and sarcophagus collection!

Anyway, I'm glad to have been a very small part in the process of bringing you fishing, and I really hope you enjoy it. I've been tuning in to Twitter, Facebook, Central, and our own message boards, and I'm excited to hear more of your feedback now that fishing has gone live. :)

Happy Dueling!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fishing! Wizard101's Test Realm is LIVE!

The official announcements have been made on Facebook and Twitter!

Click for Facebook Post
Click for Twitter Post

And here's the official Test Realm update notes!

I'm on a lunch break here at KingsIsle, and I'm hanging out in the Test Realm for a moment (oh man, I should have loaded the Test Realm for Wizard101 earlier . . . now I'm just waiting for game assets to finish downloading).  Just thought I'd give a shout out to the Wizard101 team and give them a big congratulations on beginning this new season of sport in Wizard101!

Now the real question . . . do I wish Pirate101 would have gotten a Fishing system before Wizard101?

No response. ;)

Looks to be a lot of fun from everything I've seen and heard!

Happy Dueling (and happy fish collecting)