Saturday, October 16, 2021

Spellbreak Week Day 3 -- Toxic Relationships

I only had time for four matches yesterday when playing Spellborn. I would have had more, but after dinner I watched Titans with my wife and my body was like, NOPE, you're going to sleep. So, there you go, I didn't complete my quests yesterday, but that's fine. It didn't look like I was going to complete my quests quickly anyway.

Yesterday the objectives were to open 10 chests as a Frostborn, deal 500 toxic damage, and deal 500 conduit damage. Here's how it played out:
  • 1st match = 3rd place. This was a fun game and had a great fight at the end where three of us were dancing around in tight circle trying to survive and destroy each other.  I should have found a way to heal up more often. The best part of this match was when I had two exiles back to back. I swooped in while two wizards were fighting it out and poison bolted one for the kill and poison bolted the other for the second kill quick in a row.  Yup, I was THAT guy finally instead of the one being THOSE guys. Ultimately I opened my 10 chests in one match, reached Frostborn Rank 5 and unlocked the "athletic" talent.
  • 2nd match = 14th place. This was my first game as a toxicologist, and it wasn't too bad! I ended up dealing a total of 232 damage, 145 of that was toxic damage. I ended up making rank 2 in toxicology and won two legitimate duels back to back. I should have been smart and used my invisibility to get away from the heat. Small thing I learned was that invisibility and toxicologist pair well together. on the back half of a match you can do extra poison damage when you attack from invisible.
Invisibility is nice. I like it.
  • 3rd match = 11th place. As I was playing I was really feeling the Adrenaline kicking in. I actually ended up dying in the storm while trying to flee a fight so I could heal up. I only did like 80 points of poison damage during the match. It seemed quite a bit harder to move the needle on completing this 500 damage dealt quest.
The math's not in my favor here -- maybe I should have used the minor health first
  • 4th match = 8th place. I did pretty good damage this fight (for me), but sadly most of that damage was fire based instead of poison based, so . . . again, not much movement on the quest needle. I did end up reaching Toxicologist rank 3 and unlocked the Dexterity talent.
A Toxic Exile!

. . . and that's it.  Unfortunately I only finished one of my quests for the day, but there's always tomorrow since it appears that if I didn't finish my quests, they just roll over to the next day. (I don't know if I like that -- well, at least I won't lose progress on my toxic quest.) 

Today's outfit choices in the shop are pretty good, and one that seems pretty close to a necromancer!

Oo . . . that Gaunt Slayer Bundle is the closest it's come to necromancer so far.

It even comes bundled with the "inky surge" trails, which are pretty awesome looking. Although, ultimately this outfit looks more like an emo pilgrim than a necromancer.

There's no disguising where you're dropping or floating with that inky trail

Again, I don't know if I'm ready to drop 25 bucks for the outfit and a couple trails. If the outfit had a bit more bone on it and read more necromancer than emo assassin, I'd probably grab it . . . that inky trail though . . . that's pretty awesome.

Happy Dueling!

Friday, October 15, 2021

Spellbreak Week Day 2 -- The Satisfactory Shock-o-mancer

Hello people! It's Day 2 of Spellbreak Week for me, and I once again stared down 3 quests . . . and decided to re-roll them since I didn't want to do 500 earth damage. However, my re-roll of 3 quests gave me an additional "500 damage" quest, so I kinda screwed myself there. No worries, I got this!

Whew . . . narrow escape

I mean, I did make my life a little more interesting because now I was playing an unfamiliar "main," since two of my quests involved playing as a storm wizard (aka a Conduit). Eventually I'm going to need to level all of these classes because it leads to unlocking your Mind, Body, and Spirit traits for your account.

What are those you ask?  Well I'm glad you asked. Your character gets to spec themselves down the Mind, Body, and Spirit trees with a total of 7 points. You can change these at any time, but you only unlock the depths of these trees by leveling in each available class. Clear as mud? It shouldn't be if you've spent any time in any RPG investing in a skill tree. What makes this different is that you can make changes to your skill tree on the fly outside of the game and it's not really a "tree" per se, it's just "ability possibilities" that you unlock and spend points in.

Anyway, as you're playing the game, you'll be finding scrolls of Mind, Body, and Spirit, and you basically level up your skills in the game as you collect these.  It gives you a bit of an advantage, which is nice. I'll take any kind of advantage I can get. I need 'em.

Reading a Scroll of the Body during gameplay -- more health please!

Here's how it all unfolded yesterday:

  • 1st match = 3rd place finish. This 3rd place finish was pure dumb luck. I was afk for most of the match. Don't ask me how I survived because I came out of AFK right as the storm was closing in and had sat in one place for like 10 minutes.
  • 2nd match = 7th place. Lots of people survived right up until the very end. It was a crowded, explosive mayhem match at the end, and I fell between two dueling wizards. Ouch.
  • 3rd match = 3rd place finish.  This was a very normal match that was actually very quiet at the beginning. I was all alone out there with no one to fight. After completing this match, I had completed my "deal 500 fire damage" quest. I also hit Mage rank 9 on my account and earned another 50 gold. Woot! Gimme that gold!
  • 4th match = ?? place finish. Um, I clicked too fast at the end, and I have no idea what place I ended up, but I know it wasn't high at all. Probably in the 30's somewhere. This was my first time playing as a Conduit wizard and . . . yeah, not good.
An electrifying experience in dueling
  • 5th match = 30th place finish. Even though I didn't do good, this was a fun match. I ended up racing another person to the lightning portal trying to get a good buff for the match. It was an epic fight that . . . ended in my loss. Afterwards though, I leveled up to rank 2 as a Conduit wizard. Awww, my first level as a Conduit. *cute face*
  • 6th match = 30th place finish. Really hard to get used to playing a conduit wizard. I got my butt handed to me. 
  • 7th match = 7th place finish. I got an exile as a Conduit wizard woot! I also, again, got caught between two duelers and paid the ultimate price. Finishing this match helped me complete a quest for opening 10 chests as a conduit wizard (I was really not doing well those past 3 matches -- typically it's pretty easy to open 10 chests in one match). I also ranked up to 3 as a conduit wizard. GO LITTLE WIZZY! GO!
Almost dying in an explosion of winning!
  • 8th match = 4th place finish. Man I was hungry this game.  I got a kill and did some really good damage, which helped me complete my 500 damage as a Conduit wizard quest.
So there you go. Slowly by slowly I'm learning more about Spellbreak and having fun playing the game. Today's shop offering didn't have a necromancer outfit, but it did have a pretty cool, pirate-y looking Illusionist outfit. Slightly tempted, but the outfit is like 25 bucks . . . no thanks.

It's all about that hat.
Happy Dueling!

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Spellbreak Week Day 1 -- I need a fresh look

 I decided that this is my week to (once again) really give Spellbreak a go.  I played it for Blaugust and quickly wrote about it, but now that I've kind of divorced myself from Champions Online, I'm really feeling the pull for some quick, competitive Battle Royale play.

Swooping in for the kill

Every day Spellbreak gives you three daily objectives, and I'm going to let that be my guide during play this coming week. For yesterday, that meant dealing 500 points of Frost damage, opening 10 chests as a frostborn, and opening 10 chests as a stoneshaper.  

Dropping in to grab the BIG chest -- bold move, sir

The hardest of these daily quests was dealing 500 points of Frost Damage because . . . gonna be honest here team, I'm not that great. THAT SAID! I did get a couple max damage shots here and there with the ice arrow, and that felt pretty great.

I never got a first place victory in my games yesterday, but I did get pretty close a handful of times. For a Battle Royale, most of the time you're NOT going to win . . . that's just how it goes. My placements yesterday were as follows:

  • 2nd
  • 8th
  • 10th
  • 36th <-- ooph
  • 22nd <-- ugh
  • 36th <--dang
  • 4th
  • 2nd

To be honest, those losses in the middle were more from me trying to complete the daily quest than anything else. Concentrating on dealing frost damage put me at more of a disadvantage than trying to tactically have a better placement on the leaderboard.

In exchange for completing my quests, I got a whopping 15 gold, which isn't much in the grand scheme of things. To buy anything really noteworthy in the shop, you're going to need at least 1000 gold and that would buy you something basic.

I do like the look of that Wayward Sorcerer

As you rank up, you get a lot more gold (I think 50 gold per rank), and that's probably where the majority of your earned income comes from in game. If I found a suitable "Friendly Necromancer" skin for my character, I'd probably dive into the cash shop so I could stop looking like a noob and get a skin I really want to wear.

That Arcane Trickster outfit though!

Spellbreak truly is the first Battle Royale that I've really wanted to get into, so I'm happy to finally be playing. 

Happy Dueling!

Monday, October 11, 2021

Ding 28 Champions Online -- Monster Island and Mega Bored

Today my FireTV suggested that I might like a campy B-film on Amazon Prime. It did this because it sensed I had watched a lot of campy B-films in the past and "The Velocipastor" might be right up my alley. I gave it 20 minutes and noped out and said, "Ok, I get it. I'm done." 

Having a Velocipastor experience of my own in Champions Online.

Today, I feel the exact same way about Champions Online. Here I am 12 levels from max, and I feel like "Ok, I get it. I'm done."

By all means, I should be happy. So far I've played this game entirely free up to this point and just barely opened up a brand new location called Monster Island, which indeed had a super campy opening cut scene.

Father Elk is my favorite Furry on Monster Island

I also just finished up a romp through Millennium City and partook in a weird quest where I helped escort Bigfoot's girlfriend back to him. Sounds amazing, right? But the truth is that, I'm just bored of it.

As far as escort quests go, this wasn't the worst. Kind of cute actually.

You know what I think it really is? I just don't have anyone playing this MMO with me, and as a solo player game, this experience is so so. Totally doable, but I'd rather grind these world quests at least with the hope that once or twice a week I'd have some friends logging on that I could play the big instances with -- at least I hope that would be the cure for the current boredom I'm feeling when I log on to Champions Online.

It's a Furry convention on Monster Island and Mr. Bear makes sure the party doesn't stop

So, Champions Online, I'm glad I gave you a go! I salute you, and thank you for letting me remake the Friendly Necromancer as a super hero. I was genuinely intrigued by you for the first 26-27 levels, but it's time for me to move on to other games.

For now, I bid you Adieu and as always . . . 

Happy Dueling!

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Ding 26 Champions Online -- Enter the Elder Gods

I finally figured out how travel back to unfinished Comic Series and Adventure Packs, hurray! I also discovered they were called "Comic Series" and "Adventure Packs." 

Adventure Packs . . . got it. What are those again?

Look at me, learning new things! Gotta give it up to this old interview I read where one of the Devs back in 2011 talked about how Comic Series were to replace Adventure Packs, and that happened along with the game transitioning to Free to Play. I feel like a friggin' archeologist over here looking at 10-year-old-interviews.

There's a plane-o-copter you click on in Millennium City and from here you can access your currently underway Comic Series and Adventure Packs. Makes sense I suppose. Either way, Plane-copters are the gateway to fun!

The Gateway to adventure!

After learning this, I was able to finish the Whiteout Comic Series, and it was great. Also found out that it's repeatable content, so I can continue playing it over and over if I'd like, but why would I do that when there's tons of new, umm, "personally unexplored but old", content left in Champions Online for me to discover!?

My journeys took me over to New Orleans's Vibora Bay for a bit where I met up with a hero contact named Black Mask. 

Black Mask, hiding out in some illegal weapons den in New Orleans

To be honest, I wasn't entirely thrilled with the content I found here. Unlike Canada or the Desert, here in Vibora Bay, quests were very linear in fashion, which made the exp kind of crawl along. I loved the other open world missions with several quest givers where I could venture out, complete 5 quests, fly back to base and zoom along the exp.

One thing Vibora Bay had going for it was arcades and entertainment spots. 

Jazz Room and a Crab Boil sounds fantastic thanks!

Visually, this is one of my favorite zones I've run into in Champions Online. Gameplay wise, this is one of my least favorite spots. Seems more like a weird stop off to be honest.

Soon after heading to New Orleans, I dropped back by the UNTIL boys back in Millennium City and they gave me access to a second Comic Series named "Aftershock."

Wow!  My friends, the bosses of the second and third issues of the Aftershock series are some of the most intense solo fights I've had in an MMO for a while. If there was ever a boss designed to drain (literally and figuratively) your sidekicks health and timers, it would be these guys.

This boss's name is Despair Incarnate . . . true, true. I feel that.

This Despair Incarnate boss took me three tries and each attempt took about 20-25 minutes. There's a really strange slow down effect that happens in this fight where the battle turns into a slow motion crawl. You have to block while this guy does his health drain and put out a ton of damage. If there's anything that would keep me from running this Comic Series again, it's this fight.

The boss of the third comic was also a nightmare, but at least she didn't have this slow motion mechanic (or is it a bug?). All the other bosses were kind of a breeze.  

North Africa . . . AFTER the Kings of Edom arrived.

I actually captured footage of the final fight of Aftershock 6, and it was amazing.  Of the comic series, Aftershock 5 and 6 were the best, and that's because of the introduction of the Elder Gods aka The Kings of Edom.

The game threatened that fighting the Avatar of the Kings of Edom would be a difficult fight, but it wasn't anything compared to bosses 2 and 3 of the Aftershock series -- cake in fact.

So all of that playtime left me off at level 26, and it appears that all the quests are pointing me back to Millennium City, so back to Millennium City I shall go where there are evil succubi and hell hounds waiting to be sent back to the depths!

Back from whence ye' came, Evil one!

I'm definitely having a lot of fun in Champions Online, but man . . . the eye strain!  I don't know what it is about this game, but every time after playing an extended session of Champions Online, my eyes sting and burn from eye strain. Maybe it's the dark environments coupled with the bright auras and spell effects? . . . the outlines of the characters? . . . the small text on text boxes?  I don't know, but it's a deadly cocktail for eye strain in this game.

Other than that though . . . yup, I'm enjoying playing through the content. Thanks for reading and . . .

Happy Dueling!

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Ding 22 Champions Online -- New look, new 'kick, and . . . Canada?!

I dinged 22 today in Champions Online! Hooray!  Now that I'm in my 20's I decided it was time for alternate look for The Friendly Necromancer.  The "Season One" look is out and the "Season Two" look is IN!

It's all about the spikes this season!

Spikey mohawk, spikey back, spikey legs, spikey arms . . . The Friendly Necromancer is lookin spikey spicy! I have to be honest, I really didn't even look much past the head area when I was making my first look. I didn't even plan on playing the game this deep! But if there's something that really bothers me about this game, it's the fluttering capes. It looks like an epileptic seizure waiting to happen. Capes are OUT!

Also of note, I finally banked up 100 UNTIL currency which meant I could purchase a super cool sidekick, and I took waaaaay longer than I should picking out my sidekick.  At first I thought about going with a fire type because in Wizard101, the Friendly Necromancer can always be found side by side with one Baily Skystaff, a fire wizard.  But, in the end, my time spent in Champions Online is a solo endeavor and let's be honest, I'm Bailey's sidekick, not the other way around.

So I landed on a sidekick named the Chaos Imp, and I was thinking that it'd be a cute little imp that follows me around and does a little damage now and then. No, the Chaos Imp is taller than me and absolutely wrecks face.

That's no imp! It's a scary, blue-slashing monster!

The Chaos Imp makes my difficult fights an absolute breeze. The only catch, he's not permanent. He only lasts for one hour of game time and then that's it.  He's gone, and I have to buy him again. So, luckily that hour of game time isn't "one hour from the time of purchase."  The game time only counts down when you have your sidekick out and actively helping.  Because of this, I only call out the Chaos Imp for boss duty and when fights are looking hairy. Gotta conserve until I build up another 100 UNTIL currency so I can buy another.

The other UNTIL purchased option that seemed to blend well with my "necromancer" style was a 1-time use zombie swarm summon, but doing the math I could only get 20 summons for the same price as I get the chaos imp for a TON of summons, as long as I use him conservatively. Maybe at some point I'll have enough currency to do both!  That'd be amazing.

Anyway, when I went back to Millennium City to purchase my Chaos Imp sidekick, I of course got side tracked by several new quests and ended up in another totally new zone . . . Canada.  I kid you not. The cold North had a super crazy alien mishap, and all of a sudden I found myself working through an epic comic-book style series of quests with cut scenes and comic cutouts, and it was AWESOME!

Aliens invade Canada! What?!

Here's the thing, it made me think, wait . . . did I miss this presentation and quest line in the Burning Sands? It was really really well produced, but I had to leave after playing through the third "issue."  That's right, the quest chain played out in issues like a comic where you were the star.  It was so well done, y'all.

I had to log out for the day, but when I came back, expecting to do more of the Canada comic book series of quests, now I was in a Canada zone full of quests just like the Burning Sands zone. I really shouldn't be this confused, but there's something in the execution of how these quests present themselves to me that's causing me to get a little lost in where I am and how I get back to the comic quests, because YES PLEASE, I want more of that!

Canada, the zone, has been great so far. I've done everything from helping wolves to unburying people from snow piles. I've fought on ice and gone deep into bunkers. One of my favorite instances I ran pitted the Friendly Necromancer against Mr. Zombie. Well, I think you know how the story goes, the necromancer will always win in that scenario.

The Friendly Necromancer vs. Mr. Zombie

So far I continue to be surprised by how deep Champions Online is. I'm enjoying myself and ready to keep questing further. Thanks for reading, and as always . . .

Happy Dueling!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Project Gorgon: The New Povus Playground

Yesterday the new high level zone of Povus was released in Project Gorgon and it's a swampland full of terror and ratkin.

A trio of Hexapi waiting in the distance

I started out my adventure mapping out the edges of the zone, by doing so I ran into plenty of things to fight: Ratkin, Hexapus, Tentakillers, Swamp Vipers, Kuvou, Mushrooms, Skeletal Triceratops, some other dinosaur skeleton, and (my favorite) ORCS! The only way I can really explain the skeleton dinosaurs is that I believe Paleontology is new skill here. Yup, it's Project Gorgon.

Of that plethora of monsters, my only death of the night was handed to me by a Kuvou, which statistically seems to be like a cousin to the troll in that it has high regeneration and reacts to Poison and Acid like a troll would to fire. 

Enjoying my well-deserved vengeance moment on a Kuvuo

Oddly enough, though the Kuvou is vulnerable to Acid, it also sprays it out when you're fighting it. Lucky me, that also gave me some new death experience since I had never died by being melted by Acid before.

Woot! 50 XP in Dying!

I also found an elusive Yellow Perch swimming inside the swamp waters! There were some cooking reciepes that were supposed to use Yellow Perch, but I could never find any before . . . now I know where to look!

I also managed to pick up a couple fleas and ticks while hunting around in Povus. It appears the zone had a mechanic where you can pick up parasites and then have to buy a curative from one of the NPCs to remove them (or use the First Aid skill).

Truly though, the centerpiece of the zone is the town of Povus itself.

Sitting on the walls of Povus as the sun rises could be my new thing!

During the daytime, Povus is pretty chill. It'll also be relatively empty UNLESS the Town is leveled up. That's right, Povus is basically an event town. As it levels up, more shops, amenities, and NPCs appear for you to talk to.  You level it up by protecting it from invasion during the nighttime starting at 7pm in gametime. When you do, you receive rewards for helping -- just check the town board and it'll tell you what level the town is and reward you if you have rewards coming to you.

. . . and you're additionally motivated to help level Povus and protect it because you can earn the central currency of Povus: Xognite Chunks.  Yes, Xognite Chunks are what all the high level trainers that can be found here are going to want in exchange for their knowledge they'd like to pass down to you.

Since day one of playing Project Gorgon, I knew I wanted to use Animal Handling as one of my main skills. Once I found out I could tame a rat and make it fight for me, it was game over for the rest of the skills. This particular update had bundled with it a brand new twist to Animal Handling since "Animal Husbandry" is now a thing. Yes, as long as you can make cages to hold your new pets in and have spots available in your stable, you too can become a pet breeder! OH, and just realize you'll need 20 Xognite/Xogrite (I saw two different spellings -- I don't know if they're different items or if it was a typo) Chunks to start your Animal Husbandry business.

. . . and yes, I did say "business" because that's right, you can sell your pets to other players. If you manage to get a really great pet with amazing stats, it'll be super attractive to those of us interested in Animal Handling.

Currently only bee and wasp pets in game have the ability to be bred, but eventually the devs promise that there will be a whole lot more on the way. Before the update hit, I actually had 3 bees in my stable: Buzz Tightrear, Wasabee, and Frosty the Buzzman. 

Visually my bees didn't change a lot. I think Buzz Tightrear has a bit more blue in his wings than he used to, but it's hard to tell the differences. Apparently I have two more bees waiting for me to claim!  The devs gave EVERYONE two new bees to put in their stables. 

Once I get 20 pieces of Xognite, I'll be sure to let you know how my adventures in Animal Husbandry go. Until then . . .

Happy Dueling!