Friday, July 31, 2015

KI Live -- July 2015 (The no-ship equipment incident *gasp* Ratbeard *gasp*)

Here's the YouTube in case you missed it:

I just wanted to thank our 1,500 concurrent and 9,400 unique viewers that joined us on our epic journey of giveaways, fun, and tom-foolery!  We had a great show and a lot of great questions . . . a plague of 100 duck-sized Meowiarties upon thee!

I'm gonna go right now and check on my ship equipment . . . promise!

Happy Dueling!

p.s. I shaved this morning.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

KI Live Today + Roger That + Ultra Dexter

First, I just wanted to put a reminder out there that we're having KILive today! Head to this page, follow us on Twitter @Wizard101, and watch at 4:00 PM US Central (on Thursday, July 30th, 2015).

We'll be hitting Pirate101, Wizard101, and just a dash of Rise and Destroy.


Second, I sold a bunch of those rank 5 pet snacks from my Elvis Parsley hoarding and Roger and I are buddies again. MASS PLANT SPELL!


Third, the infamous Lady Dexter is now an Ultra Pet! YAY! I'm still on the hunt for a really good death gem for her, but for now, Death-Eye will work (less fizzles are always good, right?).

Any suggestions for what to socket Lady Dexter with? She's a pretty solid defensive healer pet.

Happy Dueling!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wizard101 "Operation: Cleanup" "Subject: Gardening"

Ever since Double Gardening Rewards were introduced into The Spiral, I've been sitting on a nasty little problem -- pages and pages of King Parsley and Evil Magma Pea Seeds.  I mean, it was a problem before since King Parsley used to love to reseed like crazy, but now it's just out of control.

Now, thanks to the Seed Vault where I can stash those extra one-off seeds and thanks to the ability to simply force feed Lady Dexter Parsley by the truckload, I think I may finally reclaim some of my bank space back that was all kinds of overstuffed. Woot!

How many people would like a mass feed to pet button for feeding multiple items to a pet at once?  I mean, it was kind of cool seeing if Lady Dexter was going to spit out 180 gold or gain some experience, but there's gotta be a way for me to more easily clean house when I'm in the mood to clean house, amirite? (Who will come forward to tell me they've been saying that for years?) (Which programmer will come to me and yell DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE ASKING?!)

Anyway, it's a good time to clean house because . . . I need money and Lady Dexter needs some XP! (She got 10 percent of the way to Ultra on King Parsley alone. LOL.)

Why do I need money? Because of the evil Roger the Shrubber!!!

300,000 for that Plant All spell . . . dang . . . Time to Farm (farm, not garden . . . get it? Oh, it's not that funny whatever.)

. . . or start up a Stinkweed Garden . . . I hear those make a lot of money and sellables. THE GARDENING STRUGGLES ARE REAL, PEOPLE!

Happy Dueling!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

PSA: This Blog is old now

Heya all!

I'm so sorry I've been slacking off with my blogging duties. I've been otherwise occupied . . . it's easy to do when you're throwing yourself into your work; playing lots of other games; and have three kids, a Nanamancer, and a wife to look after. I know right, excuses! ;)

So what I'm discovering is that . . . this blog is a little old now . . . I mean, Diapermancer is six now. CRAZY! When that happens, some old links found on this blog are dead, defunct, or in the case of the old Wizard101 Damage Calculator--malicious.  (I deleted that link as soon as I found out, whew.)

I downloaded Xenu this morning to do a complete scrub of my site for dead links, and it's busily chomping through the 13,000 URLs it found on my site -- I don't think it'll be perfect though. For instance, I searched the term "Maria" this morning to see if I ever made a mention of Maria's Taco Xpress on this blog and instead found an old joke where my wife said the unicorn princess at the end of Dueling Diego should be called "Maria" (we didn't know it said her name was Francesca in the instructions to the game). Anyway, there was a link to a play through of Dueling Diego that has since been taken down (Boo), but the link isn't necessarily "dead."

Anyway, I've deleted the link now, but if you are going through my site and find something broken or off, feel free to let me know. I'm easy to contact over Twitter: FriendlyNecro.

In the meantime, I'll scrub a bit and do what I can . . . maybe even get into some NEW blogging. That'd be different, eh?  My site is in need of some attention. Maybe even a makeover? I'll see what I can do.

Happy Dueling

p.s. Who wants a blog post about Maria's Taco Xpress? (I've got a couple good stories about it actually ;))