Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do I Twitch? Do you Twitch?

Got a question over Twitter from Edward Anvilshard: "@FriendlyNecro do you have your own twitch account?"

My answer was "Yup! I hardly ever stream though because . . . kids, noise, and interruptions."

At one time I thought about streaming some Pirate101 play and having other people choose things for me . . . like which class I was going to play and if I should do certain side quests. I've seen other streamers use really cool apps to announce things and run live polls, and I would love to do more of that. I have a really stupid "I'm an entertainer" bug inside of me that gets really jealous when I watch other streamers, and it makes me wish I could do it more often.

To make matters worse it seems like my playtime lately has been totally shot because my kids suddenly found a renewed love in playing Roblox.

If you'd like to follow me in case I do get a wild hair to stream:

If you have thoughts, suggestions, hints, or tips about streaming and want to share them, I'm all ears. Leave a comment!  Also let me know your twitch stream channel in the comments.

Happy Dueling!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Big Ben Book Pedestal?

I got another email from Valdus! He asks this: "I found this book at the Royal Museum, And i'm wondering what its for, any ideas? ​Or since you work at Kingsisle maybe you can ask your co-worker(s)?"

Heya Valdus! I have an answer for you . . . but I'm also going to show you how I found the result, because that's far more interesting than the answer . . . it's a quest goal for Ice Wizards for their level 78 spell quest.  They get to read all about Woolly Mammoths here. :) 

Actually this is all the quest goal says for Ice Wizards:

"Your eyes glaze over as you read extensively on the subject of Mammoths (Woolly)."

When I first went looking for the answer, I Googled: "Big Ben Book Pedestal"

That didn't get me what I wanted, so I narrowed the search a bit and got more specific with ""locate book pedestal" royal museum Wizard101" and this was right on the money.

If only Life could always be a clean Google search result with only one topic, am I right?! It led me right to Wizard101 Central's wonderful wiki page that mentions locating a book pedestal in the Royal Museum. The key really was using the search term "Royal Museum" in conjunction with exactly how the quest goal would read in quotations, "locate book pedestal." 

I'm hoping that solved the mystery. If not, I'm sure I'll have an Ice Wizard pop in and say "nuh uh!" and leave a comment for us.  In that case, the mystery will continue, but I'm about 99% sure this is the book we're looking for. I can't remember if my Ice Wizard has that spell or not. It seems familiar, but I should probably log her in and see what quest she's on. 

Happy Dueling

Monday, February 16, 2015

KI Live, Vine, and Freddy Nine Lives?

So I've got a few things for you here this morning.

1- KI Live for February was a lot of fun, and here's the YouTube for it:

As always, it's a lot of fun interacting with the community and sharing the news with Leala and #JuliafromKI. :)


2- I made a few game humor vines on Saturday for kicks.  Thought I'd share them here for you. (You can toggle on the sound by clicking the volume control in the bottom right hand corner)


I love those street sweepers!


Watch where you're going, Wizards!

Guild Wars 2:

I've been playing a lot of GW2 lately with a few of my friends. Dance parties will happen! (What's up with random bear? I love random bear!)

DC Universe Online:

hehe . . . gotta love when the interact animation. If you haven't played this game, the joke may fall short.


3- I got a question from Valdus Silverdust, our up and coming necromancer! His question is this, "Hiya Friendly! only 2 levels away from getting Animate, But, I'm stuck, so i need to fight Freddy Nine Lives 9 times, right? so i am wondering, can i have some tips on him?"

Sounds like you're doing great, Valdus!  Keep at it!

Honestly, it's been so long since I fought Freddy Nine Lives that I had to look him up. hehe. Now that I've looked at his page on the Wiki, it's all coming back to me. Freddy wasn't really too tough if I remember right . . . it was just kind of annoying (and also kind of cool) that you had to fight him nine times to get your spell.

Looking at his spell list, it appears the real spells you have to watch out for are his out-of-school cards that he casts like lightning bats and sunbird. If you're struggling with these spells, it might be worth it to stop off at the Bazaar and pick up a few Volcanic Shield Treasure Cards.

Also, as a side note, I was kind of shocked when a co-worker of mine had no idea he had a free death shield spell available to him from Sabrina Greenstar (you get a free shield of your class type, e.g. Death Wizards get a Death Shield, Storm Wizards get a Storm Shield, etc.). If you haven't picked up that card yet, make sure you visit her in the Fairgrounds section of the Wizard City Commons.  

You'll also be well served by using your Death Prism spell against Freddy Nine Lives because he is a rank 4 death boss that will be weak against life magic. 

Hang in there and stick with it, and hopefully you wont' have to spend . . . wait for it . . . five nights at freddy nine lives . . . before you beat it. *winces*

Best of luck and Happy Dueling!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Pirate101 Link Dump 2/12/15!

Every week there are a ton interesting things happening in the larger Pirate101 community that myself and my cohorts keep track of (I don't know if you remember this post back in 2013). I have them all at work filed in my email and have been doing such since the dawn of Pirate101. It's a book at this point.

I have everything from old debates in beta to . . . yesterday's offerings. It's a nice collection of things that people requested or thought about. A lot of these links feed into bug reports, feature requests, or into the Pirate101 monthly newsletter.

Here's just a few of the interesting links from last week:
The Fiesty Orange trains his new Yohr companion and explains a bit about why he assigns his stat points the way he does.
Musketeer Strategy guide that uses the new Holiday Treant Companion juxtapose the Beastmaster banner. (Fiesty Orange is kicking behind with these videos lately.)
Stars of the Spiral talks about the bears found in Pirate101.
“The Kid” talks about why he likes Pirate101. “It’s so awesome. It’s like you get to do hand-to-hand combat. You have real weapons not wands that look like weapons. You go up to a person’s face. You don’t just sit there in one spot. There’s a lot more action out of the storyline.” -- This kid is awesome!
Pirate101 and Wizard101 mentioned as games similar to Animal Jam? I guess I can see it.
Justin Freeden shows off his 3D character animation for the raptor models in Pirate101.
The Cutest NPCs in MMORPGs -- tweet. (Marleybone Orphan Cats)
. . . and this just in . . . looks like the Flamango was discovered yesterday!

Hope you enjoyed the link dump!

Happy Dueling