Friday, January 15, 2016

Game Redux -- Walk through, Play through, or Let's Play?

Hello all! Just going to catch you up on my gaming and whatnot. It's been a couple weeks now, and I hope you're all enjoying 2016!



Brecken and Tarlac! Tarlac and Brecken! We're like peanut butter and jelly these days in Wizard101, friends!

Every five to seven days we've been putting up a new episode of our Wizard101 Let's Play. Which reminds me.  I've been getting stuck on whether to call these videos a "walk through", "play through", or "Let's Play."

According to this forum post, it seems I should be calling them Let's Plays? Um, what do you think?

Regardless . . . here are Episodes 3, 4, and 5:

And if you're behind and want to just catch the highlights, The Art of Warlord has you covered!

Episode 3 highlights
Episode 4 highlights
Episode 5 highlights

Hope you're enjoying the series.



Said what?! DOTA 2?!  DOTA 2!

That's right, I've been getting my butt kicked in a legit MOBA, and it's pretty freaking fun. A neighbor of mine invited me over for a LAN party, and he talked me through playing the game. I'm not very good at it, but against medium and hard bots, I'm on the positive side for wins. When I first started playing I was drawn to one particular hero and stuck with him through several matches:


Yup, I liked the double thrown axes nuke and the somewhat survivable wolf pet coupled with a pretty nice stun.

I think it was good to stick with one character for a number of matches. Now I feel like I've upgraded from Beastmaster to this guy.


I've always been drawn to "pet class" types of characters, and this -- like beastmaster -- is pretty awesome. For me, it's better because I never used the hawk to spy on other characters like I should have, and I think the trade off for Lycan is that he feels just a bit tougher. He's a jungler as well, so I can take trips through the woods between lanes to get gold and spread out the wealth from killing creeps.

Anyway, it's kind of strange legitamately trying to play a MOBA after years of taking a pass.



I CANNOT believe this game is back from the dead. I was stunned to see it up on Steam for 10 bucks, and I couldn't help myself . . . not after all that Friendly Warcrafter business.

My Warcrafter is level 11 and making his way slowly -- slowly -- through the game. It's been on the back burner, but I gotta play this one a bit.

I still own my shirt after all.



The kids and I have been kicking it on local area servers lately. It was a little heartbreaking on one of them since we managed to somehow get all the way up to the part of the game where we want to the nether, farmed for blaze rods, and then were in the process of collecting eyes of ender -- had a pretty awesome village built too -- when BOOM . . . the file was somehow corrupted. I read through all the guides of how to try to save it, but I couldn't make it happen.  Oh well.

We started over a couple times, and we're back at it like pros.


DC Universe Online

My Sunday night group continues to play DCUO . . . honestly can't believe we haven't given up on this game . . .

I'll have to write more on this later! I'm out of time for writing this morning. ;)


. . . and aside from a new quest to get that valentine-themed card back in Hearthstone, that's all the news fit to print!

It'd be nice to stream some Pirate101 again here in 2016, and I'd love to see the chat room jumping again.

Happy Dueling!