Friday, January 15, 2010

Skeleton Jumpers!

Did you all get a chance to log on the test realm and try to break it the past few days?

I logged on the first day and it was a riot. I was surfing Central and found this video from Blake, and I'm in a few of the shots with me and the evil twin. :-)

A lot of cool wizards dropped by that realm: Olivia, Jester, Tara from West Karana, Cassandra G., Blaze Mistshard, Blake, Fallon from Diary of a Wizard, etc. etc. (sorry if I missed ya)

So yeah, I spent the first part of the party rocking the santa suit with a headdress and then shifted to gobbler form. LOL. Then the jumping started. I love this picture because it looks like we're forming a gobbler cheerleader formation.

After that we transformed into skeletons and our evil plot unfolded.

Yes, we were jumping from area to area gathering our skeleton jumper army with Cassandra G as our evil ring master. Blaze Mistshard did excellent with gathering the forces of skeleton jumpers around us!

So fun, until I got really tired of pressing the spacebar. BUT SERIOUSLY, I've never really held a Friendly Necromancer party, but when I do . . . skeleton jumping will be a part of it for sure now. :-)

My wife hopped on the test realm the next day for the party and although there was less of the skeleton jumping, she was collecting the CODE for free GOLD in the real realm.

I'll bet you a virtual hug that you just thought about going to try that code now on the website. ;-)


Thanks for the fun all!

Happy Dueling!


Allison DragonShard said...

Aww, you beat me to it friendly. I was on the test realm while ago, wish I could of joined you.

Panglou said...

I was there, fun time :). You even got a pic of me! (well my second charecter lol)

smvb said...

I logged on during the "party." There were a lot of wizards asking where the party was! :P At the peak of activity, there were around 60 areas on the Ambrose realm. We must have done something to their system, since there were some odd system messages that were broadcast before the one giving the TEXAS code.

Sierra Starsong said...

How did Olivia get Kyle's sheep?

M.W.S said...

Darn I missed it...

witchwarrior said...

We did have fun, except the fact you called dogpile. -_-

Jester said...

@Sierra - She has her own.

Dinodiva said...

I see my chat log in one of those pictures ;)

Anonymous said...


The Undead Necromancer said...

Hmm, I haven't been on the test in a bit, I might come back on later today :D

Stingite said...

@Allison: would have been fun to see you!

@panglou: fun!

@smvb: yeah my wife got some screenshots of the "here" message that went through. wild.

@sierra: see Jester's comment. LOL.

@ MWS: would have been good to meet you finally.

@witchwarrior: you were so evil that I had to call a dogpile.

@Jester: JESTER!

@awesome diviners: woot!

@blaze: we should do that every night. LOL. You crack me up.

@undead: have fun when you do! It really is one of those situations where you create your own fun. When my wife was logged in people were whining about "where's the party." yeah, this is definitely a create your own fun kind of event. :-)

witchwarrior said...

@friendly: ;P

Nicole Swiftdreamer said...

lol I love the gobbler pic. & i did lose the virtual hug. the minute i saw the code i thought about trying it, although this is about 5 months later lol.