Friday, January 1, 2010

What items can be gifted?

Hey! Sierra has an interesting question about gifting:
Happy new year! Thank you again for my Christmas gift. When you talked about those in your blog, you showed a pic of the Crown shop. I'd heard you could only give Crown items as gifts, but do they have to be new items bought as gifts from the Crown Shop? Can you gift Crown items from the regular vendors too? Could I give away my old outgrown Crown gear?

I've got a wall of Professor Falmea paintings I got while farming Kraysis for my Life wizard Olivia's Grandmaster hat. One of my friends collects the teachers and doesn't have Falmea yet. Is there any way I can gift her one of mine?

Happy New Year to you, and you're welcome . . . looky there! She even included a cool picture of her Falmea wall. Nice.

You are correct that only crown items can be given as gifts. Your other questions allude to another catch in the gifting process in that they also have to come from the Crowns Store to be gifted.

I asked Professor Greyrose about gifting and if they ever have plans to extend this feature, and her official response was this: "Any item that can be purchased with Crowns can be gifted. We will not be extending this feature to items purchased with Gold or Arena Tickets."

I like that statement because it's going to help keep the scammers at bay, BUT it's that "any" word that isn't necessarily true at this time. There are two tiny exceptions: elixers, which can only be purchased with crowns but cannot be gifted, and the crowns clothes that come from vendors instead of the crowns shop (However, I do believe you can gift crown clothes when they are a featured sale item in the sale tab). I made a little chart showing which tabs in the crowns shop allow you to gift and which don't.

In other words, gold, mounts, appearance clothes, and cards can be gifted.

So perhaps someday those two exceptions will be worked out, but for now there are your options.


Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

Yeah, thanks a lot for the gift!

Jason Dragonblood said...

So you can't gift the school houses even if you use crowns? I was hoping to be able to give my friend one for his birthday I guess I should just buy him a gift card instead.

Sierra Starsong said...

So you can only gift new Crown items (bought as gifts), and not Crown items you've already got? Rats! Sorry Fallon, I tried.