Saturday, January 23, 2010

(Guest Blogger) What do the Bazaar & Backpack Colors Mean?

Hey all! I've requested that Sierra Starsong of Modern Auto Magic help me with a few questions this week while I'm doing a few other things here (you can also find her on Central and all over the spiral actually, she rocks).

Thanks and enjoy!


Hi folks, Sierra Starsong here. Diapermancer's been keeping Friendly on his toes lately so he asked me if I could stop by and help him out a little.

Diapermancer? Put Daddy's wand down now, there's a good boy...

Let's see, where was I? Right, a question.
Hey, FN. It's Liam F. As I was buying the Kraysys amulet, I noticed that it appeared red at the bazaar, but black in my Backpack. ?

Sharp eyes there, Liam, I never noticed that before! It looks like the Bazaar and our Banks both work the same way, so let me grab a pic of my kid brother Jordan going through our Shared Bank.

Let's take a closer look at those decks, shall we?

The yellow Deck of the Lotus is level 30+ with no school restrictions. Jordan's a level 43 Necromancer, so he could use that deck right now.

The red Dragonfire Deck doesn't have any school limits either, but it's only for level 45+, so Jordan has to wait another two levels before he'll be able to use that one.

The black one, Haru's Rational Deck, is an old one of mine. Since it's only for Ice wizards Jordan will never be able to use it.

Bazaar and Bank Color Rules
Yellow items are usable now.
Red items can be used later (when you're high enough level).
Black items are ones you can never use (wrong school).

Next I asked Jordan to pick these three decks up and put them in his Backpack.

The red deck changed to black! Just like before, the yellow things are usable, while the black items aren't. Jordan can use that Dragonfire Deck in a couple more levels, but he can't equip it right now, so it's black.

Backpack Color Rules
Yellow items can be equipped
Black items cannot be equipped

The Bazaar and your Bank are places to plan ahead, so they mark your "someday" gear in red. However, your Backpack only shows whether you can equip that gear right now (yellow) or not (black).

Oops! Gotta run, one of Diapermancer's Imps is getting into the peanut butter. See ya 'round the Spiral!

- Sierra Starsong


Thanks Sierra for the answer, and thanks Liam for the question!

Happy Dueling!


Blaze Skullshield said...

How did you make pages on your blog spot?

Sierra Starsong said...

I'm not quite sure what you're asking, Blaze. If you mean how did I do the pictures, I used a free graphics program from