Monday, January 11, 2010

What's the quest line for Mossback?

Liam, with another question!
Hey Friendly. I've been busy, but I got to ds. Say, I have been wondering. I am level forty four, almost five, and I need to know the whole quest line starting from mossback. I know it is a long chain, but it is my last Mooshu quest. Help please?

Liam FireCrafter gone!

Gratz on making it to Dragonspyre, Liam! Have fun in the new "world of towers." I was so sick of towers by the time I finished Dragonspyre.

Mossback, eh?


Well, it's been a while . . . hmmm, I know this guy is all over the place since you can find him in the Mooshu Garden Dojo and in I think all three locations within Shoshun Village. So, while I'm not 100 percent sure this is what you're looking for, here's my best guess (based on Wikia):

1- I'm Cursed (Defeat Corrupted Earth Spirits and collect 6 Cursed Stones in Kishibi Village)
2- Rock on (Talk to Hakaru Yip in the Cave of Solitude)
3- Wear your Gloves (Defeat Diseased Water Spirit and Collect 10 Diseased Water)
4- I'm Cured (Talk to Wavebringer)

From what I'm reading that last quest in the line is given by Mossback in the Shirataki Temple rather than in Kishibi Village.

**UPDATE** My good buddy Sierra found a nice guide on Wizard101 Central! **UPDATE**

Hope that helps!

I'll have to pay attention to that quest line when the wife and I work through Mooshu with our new characters. I'll come back and update this thread if I find out new information at that time.

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

That's a great pic of the Earthwalker King himself!

Central's got a complete guide for the Oakheart / Mossback / Wavebringer quest series here:

M.W.S said...

Um, what building in MS do you find Mossback and those other npcs by him? Including: Wavebringer and this life tree thingy (Been so busy lately haven't been able to do much in-game...)

Also the Jade Oni right fight him once then get a rematch w/ him two onis will pop up right beside him. You should fight him and see what they drop. I've been quite curious never done it myself...

Good Luck! :P


M.W.S said...

Also thanks for adding my blog to your list..!


SorionHex said...

Doesn't stop there by the way xD Not by a long shot X_x After Wavebringer then you gotta do all this tasks. Then talk to Oakheart in the Tree of Life... And then! Finally after all the quests and tasks you've been crying over! Then! You go meet them in the Rock Dojo, and get a reward, AND! get the ability to get your level 48 spell without another person's help if you're death, or balance I believe. Maybe life too >_>

Stingite said...

@Sierra: Updating post with that information . . . nice one.

@MWS: I do believe that is called the mooshu garden dojo in the Jade Palace area. It's right off to the side of the entrance to Shoshun village.

I remember when the Jade oni fight was as you describe; however, it's not like that anymore. I've fought him multiple times in a row and the additional oni's don't spawn.

@Sorion: thank you, sir. :)

Memories said...

Can someone post the questline in order for me on here? Central IP banned me.