Monday, January 4, 2010

Yes, A Unicorn *is* in your house.

Question from Max:
Hey Friendly. I was wondering what i saw in the game. So, i was a friend's house (in-game) and i saw a real unicorn apear. It wasn't a pet or mount it just apeared and the house owner was doing it. i attached a pic of it. The unicorn was moving and all that. What did i see?

Yup. The most recent patch brought with it a Unicorn for the Wizard City Small House. I went and purchased one yesterday just to have my own personal Unicorn Sighting.

As far as I can tell. The unicorn appears every two and a half to three minutes in the small grove of trees out in front of the house. (There are two or three threads on Central that talk about this btw.)

I was able to make the unicorn "glitch" once so the Unicorn stayed visible to me for a full two and a half to three minute cycle instead of the usual 5-10 seconds. It *seemed* like I caused the glitch by entering the interior of the house and then exiting right at the time the Unicorn was fading away. I'm unsure though

The glitch was kind of weird. Amber's fog unicorn disappeared during the glitch as well. It was definitely a Unicorn mystery. I LOVE UNICORN MYSTERIES!

Happy Dueling!


Kristin said...

yes. i just purchased the wizard city cottage and i have had a unicorn visitor, which my kids LOVE.

SorionHex said...

Yep, it seems I got a bonus when I bought that. A beautiful house. And a mate for my horse, Chestnut.

Rowan WillowLeaf said...

Yeah I saw that too! I named him charlie. :P

Jarreth Tarn said...

a quick question, I bought the house before the patch, so do I still get the unicorn appearence?

Jarreth Tarn said...

I retract my question, the answer is yes.