Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two pairs of wizards now in mooshu!

The wife and I have been busy! YES! Yes we have. A week or so ago, the Bobsi Twins (or Molly and Bailey) took down Meowiarty with the help of Leesha Darkheart of Ravenwood Radio fame and Wolf Redfist, our new found level 50 buddy!

That ended extremely well and the Bobsi Twins rocked out of Marleybone in a big way.

Next up was the odd couple, Iridian and Myrna.

And guess what happened?

I said guess!?

Well, yeah, there was some dancing, but Iridian got the Krok pet from her first try on the second chance chest!

Well worth the 50 crowns spent there . . . and on a balance wizard nonetheless!

Thanks for all the fun, wife!

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

Way to rock that second chance chest! My storm wiz Danielle took her first Malistaire run last week, got all ice gear Sierra already has, but she picked up a Death robe for my Necromancer from the chest. I'm glad KI made a lot of gear tradeable, makes things so much easier.

Anonymous said...

Man their are so lucky I still haven't pass Kratzenstien Lab.

Alia Lotuspetal said...

The other day, I was helping a friend with the Death Oni, and I decided to try the chest to get the Ghoul. First try: Just his necklace of doom. Second Try: HOLY LEPRECHAUNS! I GOT MYSELF A GHOUL!

That was awesome...