Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Farming bosses in Dragonspyre besides Vashek?

Miss Sierra Starsong has a question!
Awhile back you mentioned Vashek Ashweaver was a great boss for Necromancers to farm, and my husband used your tip to buy his Grandmaster a Death house when it was on sale a couple of weeks ago. My Balance wizard finally hit level 15 and I want to use my Grandmasters (Ice, Life & Storm) to farm up items for her to sell, so she'll have the 75,000 gold to buy the Balance house whenever it goes on sale. Are there any particular DS bosses that are good loot farms for wizards in those schools?

Short answer: Yeah, kind of. Try Katia Firewinter for life. Try Valerik Brightsword or Sea Lord for storm. Try Rurik Flamesoul or Boris Blackrock for Ice.

Long answer: For those who don't know about death students farming Vashek, start here.

Here are the magic ingredients for a good boss to farm: no guard, high rank, low damage, no shields, no weakness, same class (except for balance . . . sorry, no prism)

So, the best place to start to look for bosses like these in Dragonspyre would be The Plaza of Conquest and The Crucible. Both of these areas have bosses with no guard that you spawn by using a crystal that's near them.

I wasn't able to try out the ice boss for you, Sierra, since my ice wizard isn't a grandmaster yet, but I was able to try out the Life and Storm bosses there.

Let's start with Storm . . . Out of The Sea Lord and Valerik Brightsword, Sea Lord is more difficult because he has more hitpoints. I'd suggest Valerik Brightsword. The downside is that both of these fellas cast myth shields, so you need to get your storm prism spell down early and wear a myth wand to take them out.

Valerik stacking order:

Storm Prism
(Then cast these in no particular order:)
Storm blade
Elemental blade
Storm trap
Necklace Storm trap

NOTE: Bring 2 or 3 lightning shields and pack a pixie heal to cast right before you unleash a Triton from your Malistaire cloak. Valerik does have high damage for a boss and earns power pips. Pack extra prism in your deck to ensure you get that prism down first.

Valerik drops gold and two unique items however he also drops random trash loot from Dragonspyre as well. The MONEY loot drop from Valerik are his shoes. It's his uncommon item and it can sell upwards of 900 gold in the bazaar.

Here's Kyle's Deck for the fight:


Now for Life . . . Katia Firewinter is a horrible farm for the solo life wizard, but it is doable. She likes to cast both weakness and death shield. Unfortunately Amber still needs to finish Grizzleheim in order to earn a training point that she needs for Feint to help with the Life Wizard's lower base damage as well. Wear a death wand to take out the shield if she gets it down before your prism.

Here's my stacking order

Death Trap Necklace
(if you get those two down without a death shield being placed, yay!)
(In no particular order:)
life blade
spirit blade
spirit trap
life trap

NOTE: If you don't get a weakness cast on you, then that should be enough to unleash the Centaur from your Malistaire Cloak and finish off her 4500 hitpoints. Cast a Satyr before casting Centaur to heal up.

Here's Amber's Deck for the fight:

Best of Luck with earning the phat cash!

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

The key points I'd missed was to look for solo bosses in the same school. I'd thought hitting the opposite schools would be easier, but I kept bumping up against their shields. Carrying an opposite school wand to break up shields under prisms is a good idea in general, been doing that for awhile now.

Ice may be the tougher farm, with their tower shields. I'll have to give ol' Blackrock a few tries and see how it goes.

Thanks for taking the time to research this! {{hugs}}

Sierra Starsong said...

One bit of gamer-speak I didn't quite catch, you say to look for low DPS. What's dps?

The Ravenhunter said...

I will have to try this next time I'm in Marleybone and want to farm.

1. Get opposite school's trap neclace.

2. Get prism.

3. Get regular buffs.

4. Make the best possible setup so that I get the cards I need WHEN I need them.

Thanks Friendly.

Your buddy,
Gorman RavenHunter

Bailey said...

Yea, I think you have told me a few times already, but I can't remember what dps means either?? Something about damage I think?

Lyssie Silverheart said...

damage per somthing umm set mabey?

Stingite said...

Sorry! I'm now going back and editing out all instances of "DPS" and putting in damage.

DPS means Damage Per Second. It really doesn't work like that here in this game. Damage Per Round would probably be more accurate of an expression in this game.

Sierra Starsong said...

Bonus perk for Life wizards - Katia drops the Oni Statue.

Thanks to these tips I bought Grace a Myth house, full price, and still have about 10K gold left over to decorate it.