Friday, March 27, 2015

KI LIve -- March 26, 2015

Hey all!  I had a great time on KI Live with Leala and #JuliafromKI.  Here's the video if by some crazy chance you haven't seen it yet:

We had a chance to answer some great questions, play through Baddle of the Bands, Talk Test Realm, Chat with Matthew F, and even encourage the wizards to play through a little bit of Pirate101.

Hope you all were able to join us!

Happy Dueling!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Liebsters have claws *pinch pinch*

Thanks to Soultamer for nominating me for a Liebster Award!

Without further ado . . . my ten answers:

1-If you had the choice of neither Coke nor Pepsi, what would you choose? (Bonus points if your answer isn't water)

So I've been asking my wife for a soda-making machine for a couple years now. I do this thing where I ask for something for my birthday, and then waffle about it, which makes her not want to buy it . . . but really deep down inside I'm hoping she throws caution to the wind and just buys me one?

Anyway, I would love to try a cola from a SodaStream Machine.  The starter kit is $100 at Target. :)

2-What effects has blogging made on your life? Has it imprinted on more than your schedule?

Oh my . . . it changed it. I have my current job because I started blogging about Wizard101 all those years ago.  I'm pretty sure everyone knows that I haven't had the time to keep up with it lately. It's a pretty time-consuming task and a labor of love.

3-Where I am, there's plenty of pollen - and it's making me sick! What's the weather like right now? How is it affecting you?

I don't know if I'm sick or if it's allergies. The symptoms seem about the same. Everyone in Austin complains about Cedar Fever from some time in November to some time in March.

4-Would you rather your greatest struggle in life be made into a game, or your most recent nightmare? Describe your choice.

I'm hard pressed to remember a recent nightmare . . . most of the time when it happens it's just a muddy mess of worry. I hurt my arm last year when I was up wandering around late at night and tripped over a children's rocking chair in my path. That was like a living nightmare.  I hit the ground on my face, twisted my arm and leg . . . I couldn't even drive my stick shift for a couple days afterwards my arm hurt so badly.

I don't know how fun a game of avoiding obstacles in a dark living room would be?

5-Now, pitch that game to me. What are the mechanics? Which genres would it fit? *shifty glare* Mac compatible?

Ok, so you're sitting in bed fighting back a worry meter. Tossing and turning to get rid of invading thoughts that threaten to chew your brain to mush, but doing so also risks causing the zombie sleep walk.  Once that worry meter caps out, BAM, you're up out of bed wandering in a familiar darkness. Obstacles are in your path as you wander to the couch looking to escape the humid heat and memories of invading thoughts. If you trip over something, game over. If you successfully get a glass of water and back to bed, you'll get a refresh on your worry meter and the process starts over and over until you reach the rainbow unicorn level.

High score wins . . . a rainbow unicorn level?

Genre? Permadeath Physics-based clicker? Could also simply be a level in Warioware?

Mac Compatible? Sure! Why not? As long as we're dreaming, let's go for it!

6-Have you ever been frustrated to the point of 'keyboard smashing' when trying to write a blog post? What do you end up typing? Alternatively, what do you do when you're frustrated?

Not really. Instead I have post after post of unpublished blather that never gets seen beyond my own eyes.  If I'm frustrated, it'll likely come across in my post, and I'd rather not project that if possible.

7-What's the most ambitious thing you've done in your life, according to you? How has that experience affected you?

I stand up in front of all KingsIsle employees every other week as a very small part in a big all-hands-on-deck type of meeting, and I let them know the fans of the game are cheering them on and what fun stuff is going on in the community. It's something I always dreamed of doing when on the other side . . . now it's a reality.

8-You're trapped on a distant island with a console/accessories and ONE GAME. You do not have internet connection, but you somehow have sufficient power to have just enough battery life and hardware quality until you are saved. Which game, console, and accessories would you have on you?

Minecraft offline.  I find playing it to be incredibly soothing and a very methodical way to waste time. I will happily spend four hours chipping away at the bottom layer of the world in search of diamonds and not even miss the time.

9-Zombie apocalypse has hit! You have six hours to get ready and go (or not)! Describe your game plan.

If watching H1Z1 livestreams has taught me anything, my greatest fear will be other people, not the zombies.  Also, blackberries, make-shift bows, backpacks, and motorcycle helmets go a long way to keeping you alive.

10-What song is stuck in your head? Describe its merits.

This is going to sound incredibly self-absorbed, but I write music on the side, and one of my own tracks is in my head lately.  We have a self-imposed deadline to get it in its final version, polished, and ready for publication to iTunes in a month or so.  I need to rerecord the vocals and there's a few tracks that just aren't working right.  It doesn't have merits yet . . . and that's the beauty of it . . . of any unfinished song, really.  At some point we'll have to call it done and see what kind of wings it has.


I'd now like to nominate Tish Tosh TeshTipa from West KaranaLionrider KingQuestproquo, and Stephen Spiritcaller for a Liebster, and here are your ten questions from me:

1- You're suddenly very tiny and trapped in a giant salad bowl, what do you do?

2- What's your very first memory of playing video games? If you could lie about that question to make it sound more cool, which game would you choose instead?

3- What's your favorite comic book series? Why?

4- Most astounding food you've ever tasted?  Was it every bit as good the second time you tried it?

5- What's something you've lost in your life that you'll never get back. If you did find it, what would you do with it?

6- What theory, rule, or insight do you remember most from school? What made it stick in your head?

7- You want to make me a mix CD. What five songs (or artists if you can't name individual songs) would be essential to the mix?

8- What website do you use that you feel more people should know about?

9- If you were to take a week long trip to get away from everything and find some peace of mind, where would you go? Why?

10- What's the one game everybody should play? What feeling does it tap into for you?


Happy Dueling!