Monday, January 4, 2010

Who is the hardest boss, besides Malistare?

Jefferey asks:
Hey FN, I got a question- who is the hardest boss, besides Malistare?

Oo . . . I got this . . . how about we ask *THIS*: Guess which two bosses are HARDER than Malistaire?

I said Guess!?

Wrong. It's Angrus Hollowsoul and Orrick Nightglider from the Briskbreeze Tower.

You may see someone soloing Angrus Hollowsoul, but I highly doubt you'll see someone soloing Orrick Nightglider. These guys are the meanest, spitenest, rootin' tootin'est, gosh darn cheatenest bosses in all of Wizard101 right now. Both are sitting near the top of Briskbreeze Tower, which is meant to be an instance for four grandmasters.

Angrus is fond of summoning a minion who, if you don't kill said minion before he hits four pips, casts a big, old 10,000 hit point meteor strike that wipes you all out. I might be able to solo that, but it'd be touchy.

I took the Amber and Kyle combo in alone and beat Angrus but lost on Orrick yesterday. I think if I adjusted my strategy I could possibly duo Mr. Nightglider, but it's those 500 a tick heck hounds and buffed up Meteor showers that make shielding and healing very interesting . . . not to mention Orrick interrupts you and breaks every trap you try to cast on him . . . so forget stacking him up. He's mean, he's nasty, and he's harder than Malistaire.

Happy Dueling!


Sierra Starsong said...

Another one of Orrick's tricks, once he's down to half or so hit points he throws up a Tower Shield as an interrupt every time you hit him.

Unknown said...

Another trick is to use Fire Dispel on both bosses this will avoid those meteor showers that can kill everyone in one hit!

smvb said...

I'm a big chicken and haven't taken my grandmaster in to try Briskbreeze....

witchwarrior said...

Also, Orrick can do a 700 earthquake and summon 3 balance minions.
so watch out next time.