Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Awesome Art of Clint Young

At KingsIsle we work in what's known as a pit. Basically our desks are lined together side-by-side and back-to-back, and Artists of all flavors are mixed with Designers, Quality, Marketing, and yours truly. In essence, you're always working an arm's length away from some incredibly creative people. I do sometimes pine for my old office with a window, but other days I'm glad this forced conglomeration of people are all smushed together -- especially early in the morning when work is just setting in for the day. There's a group of us near each other that come in a bit earlier than our other counterparts and sometimes the humor hits the perfect keynote to start the day.

One of these early morning warriors is Clint Young. YES, please click that link, peruse his pictures, and comment on his blog (he has a beautiful new site that's awesome in every way). I think you'll find one section of his portfolio particularly interesting: KingsIsle Art. His work is stunning and he captured so much of that Marleybone essence that Pirate101 players are so fond of.

When we were launching Marleybone and Aqulia, one of my many tasks was pouring through concept art and finding a few certain pieces that really stood out for news agencies. The piece above was just one of those.

I have to say one of my favorite things about Clint is how much he loves drawing for his daughter. I totally get that. I've watched hours of cartoons I normally wouldn't because my kids were into them, and ended up enjoying them as well--My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is just one of them Clint and I share in common, and it's something the early morning crew in the art pit of KingsIsle has had a lot of fun teasing our resident Brony about. To those ends, do not miss this blog post. Fluttershy Fan Art by the talented Clint Young is awesome. ;)

Thanks for taking a minute to check out Clint's site! I'm sure you'll enjoy the art you see there. Again, I'm sure he'd appreciate a comment or two, so don't be shy KingsIsle fans!

Happy dueling