Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why does Ambrose keep calling me to his office?

Question here from Rogan Shadowshard about something that's a little buggy:
Hey Friendly! First off I'd like to thank you for making all your posts. Even though some of them are above my level, they are still very interesting to read, and many of them have helped me a lot, so thanks! Now, I'm moving from reader to asker, cause I have a question about something thats really annoying me. A few times now, I'll finish some quest and level up or something, and I'll get the little button on the right with Merle Ambrose's face. I click on it, and I get a message from ambrose telling me to go to his office for something or other. So I go there, and when I talk to him he just tells me to "keep searching for information on Malistaire". Should I be doing something in his office? like...is there a book or something I need to interact with? You're friendly, and i'm confused.....lol

I am friendly! And I can see why you're confused!

There are actually a number of legitimate reasons why Merle summons you back to his offices. Most of the time it happens when you're still new to the game. Wikia gives a pretty solid list of all the quests that Merle hands out.

What you mention here actually is a known bug from KI's known bug list. Let me quote what they say about it:
Merle Summoning Players without Reason: Sometimes Merle likes to check in with his students, however we've noticed lately that he's been calling on our young Wizards every time they gain a new level. Don't worry, he may not always have a quest for you, however it's a good reminder to visit him, as well as your Professors, on a regular basis. (Note: you may also see similar messages from Simon in Ravenwood, who is ready to introduce you to housing.)

So, it's a bug.

You know what I've noticed? Here at Casa de Friendly we have three computers, and sometimes we play our accounts on any one of them. It seems like after I've played a character on one of those computers for a long time and then log that same character on one of the other computers, then I get a short stream of tutorial tips and other messages. To me that seems to say that perhaps "tip" information might be stored on your computer much like a cookie from a website. Then perhaps there is a problem sync'ing the server data with the data on my computer. Of course, that's just an uneducated guess.

It is good to know this bug is on their list of things to do! GO TO IT PROFESSIONALS!

Happy Dueling!


King of Death said...

Hey Friendly I have a question for you. Which bosses drops statues? I escpecially want the Hydra one.

M.W.S said...

Dude you're so right I was on my friend's account and it started doing all these annoying tutorials and tips and text chat lol.

Sierra Starsong said...

Wizard 101 Central has an illustrated guide to statue drops:


The only one not pictured is a Yardbird (a very tiny statue) dropped by Jotun in Grizzleheim.

Alex Deathshade said...

friendly, why does merle ambrose not read my blog and why doe he have only one eye?

i think he wants to give us detention as well for killing monsters

M.W.S said...

Wow king of death most prefer:Wraith for YOUR school...

Anonymous said...

IDK If this is really a question but...what is the code for ironworks, for the chimneys?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed something about this. i am only on the second area of Grizleheim, and i have seen that every time you lvl up and would get a new GH area. this forces me to conclude that for some people,like me, who haven't gotten very far in GH, get summoned becuase we would normally go to the next area in GH, but dont get to because we hevent completed the previous area. this sounds right, (and it IS right for me, becuase he only summons e with nothing to say when i reach the lvl for a new area) and it probably is for those of us abouve lvl 20 (since that is when you are eligible for grizleheim)

i am lvl 49 now, almost lvl 50. this hasent happened to me since lvl 45. and speaking of Gh areas, does anyone think there will be new ones for when Celestia comes out? and if you dont know what that is, KI recently told the public they are opening a new world, raising the lvl cap, and making new pet capability's.

Oran Ghostriver- Lvl 49, master of ice, who beat malistare at seven AM this moring, HOORAY