Sunday, January 31, 2010

Player Trading Card of the Day--Luke Goldflame

Luke pulled through with some information to my e-mail (by the way, it's over on the Right hand side there where you ask friendly a question . . . in case you were wondering)

Interesting advice Luke. There actually is a quest or two you can complete in Dragonspyre as a low level character, but you'd only be able to pull it off with friends. For the most part though, yup, you should do enough of the sidequests to get you to level 40. It'll make life a lot easier for you.

Back in the day when Dragonspyre first opened up, most everybody was level 42 or higher as we waited in Mooshu for Dragonspyre to be released to the public. There were a few people that were higher level than that because you used to be able to repeat instances over and over for experience (people would run the first part of Crimson fields over and over and over . . . LEVEL UP+1!!). Now you can only repeat them twice for experience.

Happy Dueling!

p.s. I have to say thanks to all the fire wizards! I'll still try to make a few of you some cards anyway. :-)


Allison DragonShard said...
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Garrett Dayhand said...

Hey friendly its me Garrett Dayhand. This is my first question and i cant email you for some reason(computer is acting funky) so i'll just ask my question here. What boss is the best to far for a lvl 37(almost 38) myth/death wizard?

Frazal said...

Hey I need your help with something besides Wizard 101. I've been thinking about other games (not that I'm leaving wiz 101) and I need your feedback. I'm stuck between D&D online or LOTRO> D&DO is free but LOtro appeals to me a little more. Thx in advance!