Saturday, January 23, 2010

Webkins meet Wizard101! Paint! Sculptures! CREATIVITY!

I was browsing over at the fan art page and noticed this AWESOME webkin-like doll in full Dragonspyre gear!

I love when people get creative with Wizard101 like that.

Speaking of creative, Sorion Hex sent me a cool paint picture the other day. He was doing his best to imitate the style of the infamous Cassandra G. :-)

He said this in his e-mail to me:
"Yooooo, Friendly >_> I made this randomly because I know one of your friends if good at painting xD And I realized, that painting with Paint on a netbook is hard xD Anyways yeah, see if you can identify the bloggers! Sorry about your hair xD It was a work in progress and it kind of got like, bread-like? near the ends xD And I'm just assuming Cristina is blonde >_> "

So did you identify all the bloggers in this pic?

I have one more creative cool thing to share with you guys. Terry Dietz (he's a VIP around these parts) has been making more cool sculptures! These aren't necessarily Wizard101 related, but he assured me he's still steeped in fantasy and playing the game when he can. :-)

Methinks Terry is envisioning a water world for Celestia . . . I think that would be cool if there were water dragons and water unicorns in Celestia. A unicorn humanoid in Celestia would be awesome too!

Thanks all for keeping the creative juices flowing!

Happy Dueling!


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

I think celestia is definitely going to be up in the sky somehow. Celestial means something to do with the heavens or stars.

Stingite said...

Agreed. Maybe someday we'll get a water world though. :-)

Jessica said...


I agree with both of you. I wish it could be, maybe, watery (we get to swim around!), but I would love if it was astrology-based.

SorionHex said...

Personally I really think it's gonna be a completely iced over world, with some cool Northern Lights and stuff. The works. And we'd see the Wyverns and Colossus walking around and maybe some of the other Ice monsters =P

witchwarrior said...

1. I'm not infamous!

2. I give Sorion a 7/10

Stingite said...

. . . case in point, she lead an army of evil skeleton jumpers on the test realm.


M.W.S said...


Possibly a greek/roman world. W/ many greek/roman chambers and towers etc. They should really put a maze in there too like a labyrinth players would get to interact in. That would be nice plus a emperor of Celestia like many others including: Julius...

That ds outfit was quite outstanding!