Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bailey Rocking the Looks!

As is customary with Wizard101, you end up going through a lot of cool outfits. The wife's character just leveled to 35 this morning and I had a surprise waiting for her in her backpacks.

Here's how she looked right before turning level 35:

Here's how she looks now:

THE EYES! THEY BURN FROM THE UGLINESS! Well, what can you expect, they are the old school crown clothes from Thomas Lionblood. Amazing how you can change a hat's look completely. I guess that's the power of womanhood for you. :-)

Let me tell you, she will put the card of Helephant on that hat to much greater use than I ever put it to. I'm terribly excited for her . . . um . . . we do need to make a trip to the dye shop though, wifey. YIKES!

Bailey's counterpart in crime, Molly, is also sporting a cool mooshu look these days, but she's still an instance and a quest or two away from level 35.

Now all we need to do is get them a couple mooshu swords, and we're ready to rock the runway in old towne like a couple of supa' sta's.

Happy Dueling!


Destiny StormStone said...

no way I turned lvl 35 this morning to in counterweight west

David TitanRider said...

Hey friendy is that the old boots of the dryad. I think i recognise them because I think they are in my bank.

Jessica said...

Ouch, that does burn my eyes!
I noticed that too. My pretty feather hat on my boy wizard turned into an ugly sunhat with a flower! It was awful!
BTW, did you receive the question I sent to you?