Sunday, April 17, 2016

All Charge Across the Board in Pirate101?

Hey! I got a question submitted to me by Paul:

"What is the movement called where all men go across the board in one turn? Vicious charge is only for the main character."

Cool! I do believe this might be the first Pirate mechanics question to ever hit my inbox. I like it! Thanks for the question Paul.

I'm going to make this short and sweet: Highland Charge is the power you're most likely looking for.

From what I understand, it's very popular in PvP where you can throw on your valor's fort powers and then charge your whole team across the board . . . watch out for that Purge though!

I've yet to use this skill in PvE on my Bucc, but I suppose coupling this with the Pirate ability would give you a pretty good advantage if you could use it in time (or when on a very large battle board)

If you have any tips for using Highland Charge, feel free to leave them below.

Happy Dueling!