Monday, July 11, 2022

The Need for Planet Crafter End Game

It's been a couple weeks now since my last post about Planet Crafter. Granted, I spent one of those weeks over in Pensacola Florida and completely away from my computer. (Man, those Quartz sand beaches are nice!) So, I thought I'd give a little update on how the end game is going.

Still haven't seen any insects in my world, but in my imagination they're everywhere.

As of this posting, I'm at 13 TTi of Terraformation. I believe the end goal here is to get to 175 TTi . . . at least I hope that's the goal because there really hasn't been much new in the game since I unlocked the last blueprint wayyyyy back at 360 GTi.  These days, generating 360 GTi is like 12 minutes of waiting around, but here's the thing . . . it's not fast enough. Just waiting around still means like 80+ hours of just waiting around until I win the game.

Which, btw, can we talk about the current anti-climactic nature of the final blueprint unlock in Planet Crafter?  You go through all this work to craft a fusion cell and slot it in the wrecked spaceship only to have it have the effect of 2 Double C batteries.  All it does is open a few doors in the spaceship.  That's it.  Sure the crates inside there are full of loot, but the loot is a little meaningless at this point.  I mean, I did get a type of tree I can't get anywhere else, but . . . that's it?

It takes a lot of nuclear energy to open 2 doors

My current time invested is a bit crazy considering I have 101 Terraformation Rockets circling the planet, 65 Tree Spreaders, and a gaggle of other technology just grinding away. Let's be honest though, the real heavy lifting is being done by the Tree Spreaders and the Seed Spreader Rockets currently . . . and the 9 Nuclear Fusion Generators supporting it all. The big problem?  I'm running out of plants to turn into trees. Where I once had a locker full of plants, I now have only three. 

NEED . . . MORE . . . ROCKETS!!!

The game really feels like it's missing a couple updates to the end game.  I really need a Tier 5 heater and a Tier 5 Drill to chase after.  The rate of return for building a Tier 4 heater and a Tier 4 drill just don't seem adequate at this point.  The inefficiency of building one of those instead of a tree spreader just doesn't seem to make sense.

It's not for trying of course. I have 3 tier 2 Ore Extractors focused solely on gathering Iridium, the main ingredient in making heaters. I feel like I need to build 3 more and just go into heater production mode for a couple days. The gains just seem meaningless, which makes the end game of Planet Crafter seem unnecessarily grindy. The game is in early access, which means there probably is more to come, and I could jump into their Discord server to talk strategy, but really I shouldn't have to -- it should just make sense. 

Drill my minions, DRILL!

Besides adding a Tier 5 heater and drill to chase . . . I'd love to see the option to head into space and build a space station above the planet where I could mix chemicals in anti-gravity to give me a super boost on the planet below. There's SO MUCH that could be done in the end game! I'm excited to see what the devs could come up with. Here's to hoping that a future update solves the problem and adds new fun to the end game!

On the plus side, bugging out the rockets by mass firing them into space is hilarious

Happy Dueling