Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Families of 3 Choosing Secondaries?

I have a question from Isabel!
Hi Friendly Necromancer,

My name is Isabel and I am 8 years old.
Me and my family play Wizard101.My dad has two characters a Death leval 25 and his family one Carlos Ravenhaven (we all have the same surname on our family characters.)
He is life. My mum has a Fire leval 50 and she has got the quest to see malistare but hasn't defeated him yet. Her other character is Erin a balance wizard.
My character is ice and is called Amber. We are all leval 14 and we always play our family characters together. I am sending you a picture.

My question is about secondary schools. I am thinking about storm for damage also because my mum can cast storm traps. My mum is thinking about death for faint. My Dad, fire for damage over time spells.

Is this a good idea?

Best wishes, from Isabel.

Thank you for the question, Isabel, and thank you for the picture as well . . . it's good to see the Ravenhaven's are mostly all wearing their school colors. I like when people mostly cast from their primary school while playing.

I like all of your families choices, and I think your mum is a very smart lady for choosing death to grab the Feint trap. If she's playing as a balance wizard, she's going to shine most by strengthening all of your attacks with her blades and traps. Your trio's main schools are all on the low end of the damage spectrum, so her blades and traps will really help out your team.

Your dad is smart to get fire, not only will he get a few damage over time spells, but he's going to get meteor storm for your family team. As a Life main he lacks a targets all enemies spell and that will be a great addition to his spells. As a group of three you're mostly going to be getting four monsters every time you get into a fight, so between your blizzard, your dad's Meteor Storm, and your mom's Sandstorm, you'll be cleaning the place up.

Your choice of Storm is going to help the team win battles against bosses for sure and will be invaluable at lower levels. If you are going to cast storm spells remind your dad that he has a spell that gives you an accuracy boost. He should be casting that often since it will give everyone in the circle a +10 percent chance to hit. You'll need that with all your spells. Of course, your mom's judgement spell will be the ultimate boss killer eventually for your family.

At some point, your team may discover that you all have enough training points to start down a third school of magic. If you plan to eventually play PvP together, one of you should maybe try to get earthquake from the myth line of spells. It's all the way at the end, but it will always be something your team is missing in pvp if you don't get it. If you don't plan on playing PvP, then don't worry about it. There's maybe only one time in the game currently when an earthquake really helps and that's all the way in Dragonspyre . . . no worries. Your mom will just be really really valuable on that fight (it's the one in the Plaza of Conquests where a boss has these wisps that keep casting shields over and over and over . . . your mom will know what I'm talking about)

Best of luck to the Ravenhavens!

p.s. if you're dad is fond of throwing out treants for damage, you should surprise him by purchasing the life trap spell at level 22 from the hidden trainer on Collosus Blvd. I think he'd be overjoyed when his daughter surprises him with a life trap on a monster and let's the "mostly healing" dad do a little extra damage. ;-) You can say, "here's a gift for you dad!" every time you cast it. Maybe you'll get a little extra in your allowance. ;-)

Happy Dueling!

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mattgreen said...

Thanks for the top advice Friendly Necromancer! I think that family Ravenhaven will be a force to contend with once we all have our AoE spells, that was an excellent point that we hadn't considered.

-Carlos Ravenhaven