Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Friendly Necromancer Cosplay Outfit

So a few months ago I was joking around with my buddy Morgrim about how funny it would be to see myself dressed up in a Thomas Lionblood cosplay. So I started thinking . . . huh . . . wonder how much that'd set me back? It's never too late to start thinking ahead to Halloween, right?

I'd call this look the "classic" Thomas Lionblood look (minus the weapon . . . it needs to be a terminus staff)

Straight outta 2009 Wizard City, y'all!

So let's break it down:

step 1: blue hair mullet wig -- I think I could get away with some trimming up this $15 blue mullet wig.

step 2: santa boots -- next up, maybe drop $47 on these Santa boots . . . could probably do that cheaper with some regular boots and a hot glued strip of faux white fur . . .

step 3: heavy black coat with gold buttons on the collar -- man, it's a stretch, but $60 for this Double Breasted Long Pea Coat could do it.  There would need to be a lot more work done, like button changing, hot glue and faux white fur, and the addition of a couple of big patches on the shoulders.

step 4: black jester hat -- ok, this I could probably find for cheaper at a renfaire . . . but $54 for this hat on etsy would be a start, right? It'd need the death school treatment and some jingle bells added at the tips.

step 5: silly skeleton wraith staff -- Really hard to recreate or at least find something readily available -- I guess this $23 Maleficent Staff would be a good starting point.

Step 6: The two leather pouches . . . Hmmmm . . . this one's tough. I imagine they're used for holding decks of cards, so maybe a couple of these $28 leather iPhone cases might do the trick.

So ~$250 later (figuring in tax and shipping and whatnot), I could totally do a Friendly Necromancer cosplay! ;)

I'd look so goofy.

Happy Dueling!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Mobile Monday (2/25/2019) with Friendly!

Heya! It's a Mobile Monday kind of a day, so let me quickly catch you up on a few of the mobile games I've been playing lately.

Animal Cove

Lately I've just been logging on to participate in club events, collect my gardening treats, and start an oven cooking up a new sweet. I'm super happy that last week was Dezhead's first week ever for collecting all three milestones during the week and getting the final prize. WOOT DEZHEADS! (that's my wife's club in Animal Cove in case you didn't know.)

We are getting ever closer to that Level 4 club goal!

Props to iCurley and Anngee!

I'm currently on level 557 on the live game . . . obviously I've played all the levels multiple times behind the scenes, but I'm a bit behind on live. Gotta get up to Infinity mode!

Wake up sleepy butterflies!

Idle Apocalypse

This is a new idle game I downloaded, and I'm really digging it. Basically, you're an evil wizard bent on bringing about the apocalypse through building an enormous monster-spewing tower of wickedness . . . and you succeed.  When the apocalypse is over, you start the game over again, but with a batch of captured "souls" that you now spend on power ups to go even further in your evil plans before bringing about the apocalypse yet again!

. . . and all the while there are funny bits of dialog going on to really show how cute this game actually is.

Love how this demon is more interested in watching TV than destroying the world.

Yup! The graphics are in a fun 16-bit style as well . . . so that's a win win for me. I don't know how much longer I'll be playing the game, but there are things that I haven't seen yet, and perfecting a "system" to bringing about the apocalypse would be fun.

Overall, it's light. It's fun. It fulfills my need to be an evil wizard. BOOM! APOCALYPSE!

Gunspell 2

In case you forgot, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect Match-3 dungeon game. Me downloading this game was an attempt to scratch that itch that can't be scratched. And to ruin the suspense, no, this isn't the match-3 dungeon game I've been hunting for, but it is pretty fun regardless.

I'm down with destroying a Lich while playing as a naga lady!

So Gunspell 2 is a PvP game that at its heart has you making matches to 1- fill abilities that damage your opponent and 2- do damage to your opponent. I swear I mostly go up against bots and Russians in this game though.

You earn and level up heroes through loot crates, and eventually you amass an army of heroes to choose from when you PvP.

Every four wins in PvP, however, you also have enough keys to embark upon a quest for one of your heroes. At the end of the quest, you earn a loot crate. THIS, is what drew me into the game initially. I was hoping for more dungeon to be found in this quest portion.

There's not much to this. It's usually 3 fights and then a boss.

Anyway, that's the game basically.

Some games you can have a really lucky streak of matches and basically destroy your opponent without even trying, but there is that moment of OH YES I'M THE GREATEST! The addition of the abilities plays into skill a bit I suppose.  It is match-3, however, so a bit of randomness is bound to happen. The worst of it is when your match sets up your opponent since you're playing on the same board.

They even have a few smack talk buttons in the game much like Hearthstone. No one ever seems to use them though (also what makes me convinced I'm playing against mostly bots)

Dungeon Raid

I haven't actually played this game . . . why? It's iOS only, it's out of date (meaning it can't be played on the latest OS), and it's 99 cents.  I actually do happen to have an old iphone sitting around the house, so I might actually be able to eventually play this game, but from a 1000-miles view, this looks to actually be the closest to the Match-3 dungeon game I've been hoping for!!

Screenshots from the app store . . . check it out

I'll work on getting this game downloaded over the week and let you know how it goes.


Thanks for reading and as always . . .

Happy Dueling!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

My Boundless Free Weekend Experience

As of the moment I'm typing this blog post, there's only a few more hours left in the Boundless free weekend. According to this page, it sounds like after the free weekend, you can pick up the game for 30% off in the Steam Store. So, now that I've played this weekend, is it worth it?

For me? Probably not. For my in-game neighbor who built an elaborate set of buildings for all to admire? Probably yes!

Just look at the beautiful city block she created.

She named her claim on the MMO landscape as "New Oort," and it was amazing. Me?  I named my claim on the MMO landscape as "Stingite's Lair," and it was a dump.

Obviously my in-game neighbor took a lot of pride and TIME to build her masterpiece. For me it was all about making a shelter from the horrendous purple beasts that liked to spit ice balls at me and kill me. 

Inside wasn't much prettier, but I did have all the necessary items: a beacon (a device that lets you claim land in Boundless), torches, roof, floor, 4 walls, a stone door, three crafting tables, and several deconstructed work bench pieces . . .

It took me a couple play sessions to realize that I needed to put those work bench pieces in a square formation to make them come alive into a grand master workbench. (Knowledge is power! Thank you Boundless wiki.)

But what do you expect from an ugly green lizard man named Stingite?


I will say that the night time views from the Stingite-Lair-rooftop across a block-shaped desert with a giant Bartleby-esque tree were pretty great.

Unfortunately I never really ran into other players when I was playing.  I think one time a person opened my house door while I was busy crafting something, but instead what I felt in this world was the "presence" of other players who had come before me, which isn't an unfamiliar feeling if you've ever played with a group on the same Minecraft server.  Working on a grand citiscape together and surviving the enemies of boundless together with friends simultaneously would be more fun than the solo experience I had.

So definitely no fault in the game (other than some server lag), but rather more a fault in me. I imagine playing this game on Twitch with a big group of people could be an absolute blast! Just imagine 10-20 lairs just like Stingite's all strung together in a dumpy communal area where we slaughter purple ice spitting beasts all the time!

Maybe next free weekend, if there is one, eh? That could be fun!

Happy Dueling!