Monday, January 25, 2010

(Guest Blogger) tips for Sunken City?

Hey all, Sierra Starsong is once again helping me out with a question while I work on a few things here (and doing a great job of it I might add). Thanks, Sierra!

Friendly recently sent me a question from Amber:
Hey Friendly,

It's me, Amber, again. Thanks for the info about that Transmutate spell with the Blood Moss. Mucho gracias.

Anywho, I've been having trouble with a certain quest of mine. It's the Grubb quest in Sunken City. My friend, Tiffany, and I are trying to team up on it, but we just keep getting beat.

Tiffany is Fire/Balance and she just made Magnus. I'm Storm/Fire and I'm level 29.

Please help us.
~Amber StormTamer

In case you missed it, Friendly answered Amber's Blood Moss question here.

Sunken City's definitely one of the tougher dungeons in the Spiral, nearly impossible when you first unlock it. Wizard 101 Central has an illustrated Sunken City guide, but it doesn't mention the one factor that trips up most wizards - the street fights--so I'll focus on those.

There are a lot of enemies wandering the streets of Sunken City, and I mean a LOT of them. The Myth ghosts and Death banshees wandering the first half of the dungeon are so transparent they're nearly invisible. You'll want to turn on Overhead Names if you have them turned off, and watch for their names to spot them.

These ghosts are and they'll use the slightest excuse to pick a fight. In fact, there's one street fight you simply cannot avoid no matter how hard you try, right inside the dungeon entrance. You'll be facing three or four Myth ghosts (three if you're alone, four otherwise). Yes, they will try to outnumber you, so you might want to invite a friend or two to join you and even up the odds.

Multi-attacks are your friends! You'll probably rely a lot on Meteor Storm and Tempest, especially Tempest's Storm boost against these Myth enemies. Use Blade spells rather than Traps to boost your attacks, a trap only works on one enemy while a blade will give you an extra punch against all of them. Fire and Storm both have high fizzle rates so you might want to look for gear that increases your accuracy, and power pips wouldn't hurt. With such large fights, the faster you can take them down the better.

Once you're out of that fight and safely back on the sidewalk, remember your traffic safety rules: Don't play near the road, and look both ways before crossing the street. If you're used to riding everywhere, get off your mount and walk. Take your time and watch your step - pretend you're sneaking around on tippy-toes. Hug the sidewalks as closely as possible, the street thugs can pull you in off the curbs. If you have to cross, remember that monsters can't see behind them, so run across right after they go past.

You might want to play leapfrog; one person sneaks ahead toward the next goal while everyone else waits in a safe spot. You can all port to them once they're there, and if they get pulled into a battle someone else can sneak around it while the enemies are busy fighting them. The unlucky fighter can flee (or get defeated), grab a potion and port back in to you once you're clear. The large grassy areas around the towers are safe, if you're both hurt you can wait there and take turns going back to the Commons to refill.

Things will get tougher for Tiffany once you get past the second gate, as the earlier Myth ghosts get replaced by Fire scarecrows. She'll need to add some Fire Prisms to her deck before you head through. Norton (the second boss) is Fire based, as are Grubb's guards. You mentioned her secondary is Balance, so she may want to swap out her Meteors for Sandstorms at that point.

Hopefully these tips will help you conquer Sunken City, Amber. See ya 'round the Spiral!

- Sierra Starsong

Sierra has some awesome tips!

I also just want to add that I did a youtube video of sunken city that might also help. Click me!

Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

That post really scared me. *shivers* I'm probably not going to do sunken city until I'm... I don't know, a grand?

The Ravenhunter said...

I myself have done Sunken City a few times. My recommendations:

1. Bring friends, that's the only way that you're not going to be able to soslo it, unless you planned well.

2. Necessary spells:

Healing: Pixie, 1 Dryad treasure card, Satyr

Manipulation & Wards: Your school's minion, Weakness, Tower shield, Death shield

Damage: Spells that attack all enemies that can be buffed well if necessary

3. Have potions ready!

That's all I can think of right now, oh, dang! I'm late for school! Laterz!

Benjamin Fairydust said...
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Benjamin Fairydust said...

Not sure about this but I don't think you can port into Sunken City(like flee, potion, port back). I did Sunken City early last summer so its a vague memory now, but I don't think you can port back. Or maybe its that only those who started the instance can port back...IDK, I might be totally wrong here.
Sorry for the double post but my spelling/grammar was off...

smvb said...

These tips are very good. I did Sunken City this morning with my Grandmaster ice wizard. It seemed easy. I don't think you need to be a Grandmaster to solo it, however. Having a multi-hit spell along with a high power pip percentage is what made it easy. (But I have never been able to get past that group in front of the first tower--they always get me!)

The irony is that my "youngest" wizard is from the life school. He just received his level 38 spell quest today, and guess what he gets to do?! Go get something from Grubb's chest! (If I had known this, I would not have done Sunken City this morning--lol.) I think it would be harder to solo with life, since they don't have a multi-hit spell.

Amber StormTamer said...

Thanks Friendly, thanks Sierra. :) Thanks to your tips, Tiffany and I beat Sunken City.

Unknown said...

You CAN indeed skip that first street fight if you're patient and wait for the monsters to clear off. Going down the right-hand side is easier that the left, as they seem less likely to pull you off the sidewalk on that side.

I soloed it at level 16 with my first character (Necromancer). That just took a lot of determination. I patiently waited for the right moment to get past tight spots on the street so I could skip all street battles. Mark your location often. Logging out will reset the dungeon, but getting sent back to the commons for getting defeated or fleeing doesn't. Drink a potion, and play Potion Motion for a minute until you have about 1300+ points. That should be enough to fill your potion bottle, and leave you plenty of time to get back in the dungeon before it resets. In the quest encounters, I just did everything I could to take down one enemy. If I had some luck, I worked on the second one, or I could just flee/defeat my way out and refill. Since it's a dungeon, whatever dies will stay dead, so you can work your way through the 3-enemy encounters one at a time.
Still, it's probably more fun with a group, so just switch to a crowded realm and wait outside the entrance if you want to catch others that want to go. Please use good manners and ask before just jumping into another's instance, please. They may be wanting to solo for a challenge.