Thursday, November 28, 2013

Strange Dream Last Night -- and Happy Thanksgiginv 2013!

So last night . . . well, I guess really early this morning (I took the dog out around 5:00 am and then fell back asleep for a couple of hours) . . . I had the freakiest dream, and hey . . . it's Thanksgiginv Day and I have nothing better to do, so thought I'd write about it here on TFN.

In the dream, my wife (Bailey Skystaff), my daughter, me, and Beau Hindman all went to a really interesting Austin Texas Dive. The Dive was pretty small, and in my dream I vividly remeber the yellowing walls that were painted to look like they were yellowing . . . outside of that it was very clean and new, without smell. The first thing I noticed was a man playing a cool keyboard set with electronic hand drums. The music was this really cool glitchy electro that was played very quietly. It was like that because not only the size of the venue made it so that it had to be played softly, but it was meant for that particular venue -- it fit the room perfectly. Off to the side of the keyboardist/drummer was a man with longer wavy hair who began scratching on a record some really lo-fi, quiet scratch beats.

In the dream I was really grooving on the scene. I remember that Beau stood up and helped reposition a CD folder that was near the drummer that was starting to fall to the floor due to the vibrations from playing. My daughter left the room for a moment and I looked back after her and then looked back at the show. By this time, the guy who was scratching the record had moved over to the right wall besides where they had set up their keyboards and DJ stuff. On this wall was a series of toys that had been modified somewhat to be part of the show musically, and the DJ then began to work on an ipad type of instrument and he was playing this kind of clown music. He turned to face the audience and started making a winding motion to his neck like he was winding up the toy to play while simultaneously making a circling "this is coo-coo" motion to his head, which was really funny in the dream, and the audience gave him a good laugh for his theatrics. At the moment when the DJ turned around to face the audience, we locked eyes and . . . it was none other than Michael Action Smith, the CEO from Mind Candy -- the company that makes Moshi Monsters.

And then I woke up.


I think the hand drums came from watching this video last night on YouTube

He does these hand drum things at 20 seconds and 35 seconds that I think stuck with me in the dream.

I've sent Beau a couple of emails lately, and he's just a really nice guy. Perhaps my brain was just like . . . hey . . . it'd be cool to go to an event with Beau, like we did back at GDC Austin way back with his wife Leala.

The surprise of the dream was the inclusion of Michael Action Smith. LOL. I don't even know why . . . but have you seen how cool the Moshi Monster offices are?

(My co-workers would most likely find working here annoying, but I love the concept and his attitudes behind it -- those British peeps are kooky like that)

Whew . . . thanks for the brain dump . . . kind of wish that dream was real in a way. LOL. It'd make for a great show and a great story, so, Beau, if Michael Action Smith ever comes in concert with a toy glitch band, I'm calling you up.

Happy Dueling!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And just like that . . .

Bad Pedro Pace dings 65!

That's max level for a Pirate currently for those of you keeping score at home. Bad Pedro is my second pirate to max level post-Aquila. How's about that?! (Those with more max level pirates on their accounts now scoff in my general direction . . . *fist bump* you guys rock!)

I just re-read what I posted last time I finished Pirate101 on Friendly Thomas back in late June early July, and I'm trying to think what I could add that hasn't already been discussed.

Of course, I'm not really done yet with the story portion, but I'm really stinking close. Scylla is my next quest, and it's just a quick few battles past that until being finished. I really am just feeling done now that I've hit 65 though. I think the players who talk about hitting the cap and not wanting to lose experience are swaying me to their side in this instance. I'm not sure though . . . it's so tempting to keep going.

So, I think this time through I was more aware of the separation of chapters than I was previously, and I did several side quests in Aquila that I skipped past last time. The Hydra fight was easier now that I knew what to expect. Actually, everything was easier. I used a lot of the same tactics I did with Friendly Thomas, only buffing with a Privateer is infinitely easier when facing up against Aquila's witchdoctors and the like. The concept of "Spread out!" doesn't really gel well with JuJu buffs like it does with Battle Zeal and Discipline.

One thing I did come to learn the past few days of concentrated playing was, holy . . . I so love the power of Nausica from the Empire Bundle! Her ability to move before firing coupled with her three tiers of guaranteed critical attacks -- well . . . I love it. She was my first mate for the past three days and owned everything in her path. BAM! Burst Fire! BAM! Burst Fire! BAM! Double Tap! BAM! Burst Fire! BAM!

I finished up the run much lower in Nautical level this time than I did with Friendly Thomas. So far I'm sitting at 51 Nautical . . . and I don't think I'm the only one that low. :) *points finger at low nautical leveled pirates reading this blog* YOU! ;)

Next up . . . Sly Kai the Buccaneer. He's been a little neglected there in Cool Ranch. I haven't talked much about Sly outside of his introduction post, and he's not much further than when I talked about him then -- Level 24 to be exact. My son kind of got lost in a vortex of other video games, and I don't know if he'll be coming back to Pirate101 for a bit (we were to level our pirates together) . . . so . . . Sly Kai, it's on!

What a beautiful pink sombrero you don, Sly Kai!

See you in the skyways!

Happy Dueling!