Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prince Hughes

Hi Fellow Wizards,

I don't have much of a report, but I have been holding on to this screenshot for a while and thought I'd share it.

That there is a satyr named Prince Hughes. The first thing that came to my mind when I read his name was a local cafe named Hug-Hes. hehe. Go figure the first thing I think is food. (they use to have this warmed chicken salad there that was awesome. I digress)

Anyway, it took my daughter and I a bit to find the exact spot that this guy pops up at, but we eventually found him at the spot shown above. The quest involving him here was to get the sprite guardian minion card for life wizards: she's a super helpful gal to have around in a big fight for sure.

Happy Dueling!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Kyle Skystaff, Oni Slayer

Hello fellow wizards,

I'd like you to meet a new member of the friendly necromancer troop . . .

Kyle Skystaff, the 12th level Oni Slayer. Wait a sec, you say, "Isn't that the title you get when you beat the Jade Oni and win mooshu?"

"yes," I respond with a smile. yes, this 12th level diviner rocks. Actually, he kind of sucks, but he's all mine . . . and my 4-year-old's.

Check him out, working the lightning spells and making all the preschoolers say, "cool, daddy, cool."

Kyle is a bit messed up because my 4-year-old has done everything to this character from selling his beginner deck to making him wear +death magic clothes. haha. He's even randomly purchased spells from various schools of magic just because he can. oh well. He's still an Oni slayer. I talked about this fact a few posts back. My son joined in when i was fighting the Jade Oni and beat the game. Fork him.

Actually, no . . . don't fork him. I'm going to help this mixed up diviner work through the game alongside Amber Deathsong.

Good times.

Happy Dueling!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Your Wizard 101 Rover'ing Reporter

Hello fellow card duelists,

This is your friendly necromancer, Thomas Lionblood, here reporting to you from Colorado. Amber Deathsong and the rest of our family packed up our things and made a trip to visit some friends and our extended family. I simply could not help myself from sending you all this field update when I made a startling discovery: a Marleybone representative greeting me at the Park Meadow's Mall in the suburbs of Denver.

I found him hanging out a store called pawsitively pets.

The cost was a bit steep at well over 200 dollars for this fella . . . I think it might have been closer to $400 believe it or not. I wouldn’t have bought it from that store anyway. The lady at the counter was NOT a friendly necromancer. Well, not friendly at least.

Of other news, we finally saw the Wizard 101 commercial on TV! It might be that we don't usually watch TV or it might be that the commercial doesn't play in our area? /shrug. Either way, the whole family gave a cheer. haha. This really has become our family's game.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you’re having fun with your Harvest clothes.

Happy dueling!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Level 43, and looking good

I just wanted to show off how I'm looking these days. Now that I'm level "for tea tree" (that's 43 in wiz101 player speak) and finished off moo shu, I spent some money on a paint job for my clothes.

I went black and gold since I'm a mix of death and myth magic for the most part (some balance as well). I'm also sporting a cool life magic sword.

I've had some fun showing off with my friends and also on unicorn way. It was enough that my friend Caleb (an ice caster) griped a bit, "why is it that necromancers are overpowered in every MMO there is?" Silly Caleb, death magic is for kids. But to be honest, I'm 13 levels higher than him and wearing crown clothes . . . he'll get his power soon enough.

I also loved going to unicorn way and dropping a myth damage aura (for looks mind you), using empower, and just delaying until I get a full group in to unleash something spectacular like humongofrog or a wraith. I really freaked one guy out. "LOOK! LOOK AT THAT BATTLE WHOA" ;-)

Of other news, Amber Deathsong procured her fantastic pixie helper card and is working steadily through krokotopia. She's a little bummed out that she can't convince anyone at her school to give this game a try though. oh well, she's got dad.

Happy Dueling!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Spiral Key Secured

fork me.

That was one hit point heavy elephant demon. 7,500 pounds of fun. The best part of the battle? My four year old dinging 12th level afterwards and laying down as many 1 - 3 pip lightning cards as he could deal out. He totally out agro'd me for a while and I had to bring him back from defeat a couple times with my sacrifice skill. HAHA!

So, I got my spiral door key for Dragonspire (or is it Dragonspyre?). anyway.

fork me.

My 4-year-old also helped me deal out a defeat to the Death Oni. He had me laughing with how awesome he was doing; although, he did flee on me part way through the battle to go play jumpstart second grade. hehe. awesome.

Merle felt a little anti-climatic about the whole deal unfortunately.

He told me that we'd have to ponder our next course of action. Of course, "ponder" here really means "wait for the new zone to be prime for release."

SO, LET THIS BE A WARNING! Thomas Lionblood is coming for you Malistaire. As soon as they discover the doorway and let the wizards burst through . . . you're going down.

*points a finger*


p.s. Don't worry about the future of this blog. I'll be providing more insights and adventures. My daughter's character, Amber Deathsong, has a really bright future ahead of her. She's been kicking around in Krokotopia and has a lot of interesting insights of her own to share . . . I will do my best to bring those to light. Thomas Lionblood also has some wisdom from his days as a master necromancer as well, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and HAPPY DUELING!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Harvest Hannah Hot of the Presses


That's right. Our friends at Kingsisle have put out a new press release and you all need to bid a fond farewell to Spooky Bob and say hello to Thanksgiving awesomeness.

Here's a snippet from the official release:

"Hello Young Wizards! Time for us to say farewell to Spooky Bob, Jack Hallow and his friends. All the Hallowe'en decorations will be packed away until next year. If you have an unfinished Hallowe'en quests, they will disappear from your quest journal so finish them up tonight."

They also have a new friend for us to meet tomorrow:

yay! Thanks Kingsisle!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Amber Deathsong, Master Carver

I was so happy this morning when I read my e-mail and discovered that my daughter took first place in the "Best Likeness" pumpkin carving contest! She was overjoyed at the news and logged on as soon as she could get the computer fired up.

Here's the list of winners

*cough* I tied for third in most creative *cough*

Thank you voters! You're awesome! YES YOU DID!

So, for winning first place, Ms. Amber Deathsong received A RARE PET! This little guy had us rolling with laughter when we first saw him. He drags his pot of gold around with him and loves to dance. When he's not dancing, he protects his pot of gold with his body. Hilarious.

Congratulations to Ms. Amber and to all the people who participated in this event. I'm thoroughly impressed with KingsIsle and this fun event. I can't wait to see what the holidays brings us. :-) I'm hoping for a design your own sno-cone event. mmmm, sno-cone.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

sigh, new look, and PLAGUE ONI ATTACKS!

So, I've been sporting this helm of horrors look for quite a while now. It's pretty awesome. I think I may end up wearing the helm regardless of whatever new stuff they throw my way, just because . . . the whole Phantom of the Opera look meets Daffy Duck is pretty sick.

However, I had a bunch of money in my possession and now that you can buy your crown clothes at the regular merchant, I went to go experiment with colors and see if I could find something that looked cool.

I made the unfortunate error of leaving my game up and running when I went to go make some dinner for the kids and BOOM. Next thing I know, my 4-year old was on the computer and had spent all my money on a new look for me.

I'm not sold on this one as much. In fact, I'm so embarrassed in this photo, that I can't face the camera. I think I'm going to have to spend some time farming up gold so I can visit the dye shop. It's going to take a while to NOT envision me in the helm of horrors. Like I said, I may just opt back in to the look despite it all. It gave me a certain panache. (That's a great word by the way . . . here's a wikipedia entry for it . . . you're welcome.) I guess the plume on the current hat carries some panache with it as well, especially when considering what Wikipedia says.

*awkward pause*

Anyway. Sometimes the weekends allow me an opportunity to zoom through content. This I did! I ended up in a big instance, once again nose-to-trunk with another one of those pesky Onis.

So, question, what is the coolest way of taking this dude down a notch?


Answer: with an Oni of your own!

Thanks for buying me the hat, son. It's pretty cool.

I am loving the strategy of casting a death magic shield on myself for the sole purpose of lessening the damage on myself when I use empower, which adds three pips and opens up those high pip-count cards in just a couple of rounds. That, friends, is the power of a necromancer: trickery and self-sacrifice to gain the upper hand.

The Plague Oni bid us a fond farewell and we (baby sugar and myself) took a moment to pause by his wonderful fountain. That elephant must be rolling in the peanuts to afford this spread. Nice.

My look is all off. I look like a tourist. Oh well.

Happy dueling!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Albinism!

Remember me talking about the Albino Squirrel Preservation Society a couple posts back?

HOLY SHNIKEYS! I've uncovered the Albino Golem Preservation Society in Wizard 101!!!


It was a sight to behold.

I took a moment of silence.

You should too.


Happy Dueling!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rock the vote


Rock the vote by clicking here

Please go vote! Both my daughter's pumpkin (Amber Deathsong) and my pumpkin (Thomas Lionblood) are in the finals!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Empowered against the war oni

Oh, I've got a lot of pictures to share!

My adventures last night brought me face to trunk with the war oni. He was more than a little intimidating let me tell you. Especially when he was thowing cards out like this.

Flame golems? Awesome. They did hurt quite a bit, but with the help of my minion we were able to overcome this initimidation and pulled the rug out from under him. TAKE THAT ONI!

They always fall for that rug-pulling trick.

Just as a side note, I've noticed this bug for quite awhile now, but I thought I'd bring it up since I have a screenshot here. My minions like to cast fire elf a whole lot. It was kind of pointless against the war oni, but every time they cast this, my minion appears to be standing in front of the tree instead of behind it. I'm assuming this is a bug.

Pulling the rug out from under the war oni was for two reasons. One was to finish off the laborious instance, and two was to finish off the level 38 necromancer card quest, which involved running around between krokotopia's well of spirits, ravenwood, and moo shuu a bit. It was well worth the effort.

Let me tell you fellow necromancers, you have not lived until you've used empower on unicorn way in a big group so that you can unleash a 5 pip minotaur in two rounds. The newbs don't know what to do with themselves other than spam you with friend invites. LOL. I now have a deck specially built for goofing off on unicorn way through the magic of this card.

Happy Dueling!