Friday, December 31, 2010

Who gives me my next quest in Celestia?

Incoming question from Tanner Rubycatcher:
Friendly, can you help me please? In Crustacean Empire in Celestia, I finished the quest to beat Glauco, and I talked to Thurston Plunkett. He gave me another quest, but its just a side quest! He doesn't have any main quests for me to do, and niether does the Crab next to him. Can you please tell me where the next main story quest is in Celestia and who gives it?

Your help would be appreciated!

Ahhh, Ok, it appears the quest to beat Glauco is actually a side quest, not the main quest line. Your missing main story quest is probably somewhere between the following characters: Plunkett, Nestor, Lieutenant Dafoe, Senator Xanthus, or Queen Calypso. Go check in all those places and see if you can find the trail back to your quest.

I know this thanks to this really awesome guide over on Central. Be sure to scroll down to the Crab Empire quests, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Hope that helps!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dog? Frog?!

(LOL, well well well . . . remember this?)

AHEM . . . Dog?



Marleybone, Your Gear Don't Matter None!

Dear Marleybone,

I do now hereby declare with as much attitude as an Angus Unicornpants can muster, "YOUR GEARZ ARE OVERRATED!!" Why? For Angus has bested your Meowiarty with no clothes on!

It's true! Angus beat Meowiarty last night in an epic struggle lasting many many minutes. How many minutes? pffft, that don't matter none. Minutes don't matter none! It's the win that counts, right? When you're soloing 3 vs. 1 with nothing more than what the good headmaster gave ya (as Tipa put it), it's going to be a longer fight.

I learned a few things along the way my friends, so let me see if I can't break a few of those things down for you:

1- There's a wall in Big Ben around the seventh level. I'm not talking about a wall wall, I'm talking about a wall of a fight: an ice caster thug backed by two life casting spiders. It's a three vs. one fight against casters who like to heal and shield, but what I found is that self-sacrifice can definitely lead to a win. You see, if you concentrate all your attacks on one of the spiders and do nothing more than take him out before the other two slaughter you where you stand, then you've won on the second battle because that life spider will not respawn. The same applies for the Meowiarty fight. You need to take out that golem life caster ASAP. Defeat is almost certain, but it's better to be defeated and take out the golem so that when you run back up to the top, it'll just be a 2 v 1 fight instead.

2- Don't get impatient. The third floor from the top has a couple of storm casting iron golems. They only have 545 hitpoints, but don't let these guys fool you as they can pack an incredible punch for a guy like Angus . . . with or without storm shields. Patience is extremely valuable with this playstyle. When you're playing with no gear on, you've got to always consider the amount of damage those mobs in front of you *could do* and always play it safe. heal. Don't even think about it unless you're holding a tempest treasure card with 100% accuracy and you're not debuffed with a weakness. I can't stress this enough. ALWAYS . . . PLAY . . . IT . . . SAFE! Patience is a virtue and moreso when the odds are against you. I'm pretty sure there's a life lesson in there ala tortoise and the hare.

3- Know thy enemy. Balance golems in Big Ben like to cast life spells. surprise! pack some life shields. I've been asked what Angus's secondary school is. If I was to describe a secondary school for Angus it would be called "Defense." Angus owns every single -80% shield available (you know, from sabrina in the fairgrounds of the commons?). Angus also went up life to sprite, grabbing the -70% death and myth shields as well (and reshuffle of course). It's good to know what things can cast against you. Although I didn't use wikia, this style of play is especially given to know what arsenal you're up against. btw, did you know Meowiarty can cast bladed stormsharks as a myth boss? Surprise! It took a few deaths to figure that one out.

4- Storm prisms win. The abundance of balance mobs in Big Ben also are fond of casting the -50% elemental shield spread. Storm prism after that series of shields is played will convert your damage to myth, which gives you a nice little boost against them as well.

5- The storm minion is your best friend, but only after five or six rounds. I would not have been able to win Big Ben without minion. Minion is an amazing tank. Although he's not always predictable, 50% of the time he plays like this: sprite on himself, elemental shields, taunt all enemies, sprite on himself, elemental shields, storm trap . . . and when he has three pips spirit armor. Some times he'll cast the shields, sprites, and even that beautiful spirit armor on you. Storm minion takes some time to warm up, but once he has their attention, you are free to do things like break those nasty debuffs off of you and possibly get off a heal if he's got enough taunt.

6- get pips fast. My treasure deck consists mostly of three cards. Golem Minion from the myth class, the sap power treasure card (gives 5 pips and kills minion -- not the 4 pip variety), and an accuracy card of some sort. If you use these treasure cards, you have to realize that a battle like this costs you around 1,400 gold. In a previous thread someone said jokingly, "Angus don't care none about gold!" noooooo, Angus LOVES gold. Gold = treasure cards. luckily both sap power and golem minion are in abundance at the bazaar. BTW, did you know that sap power no longer will use a storm blade, BUT it will get rid of weakness? Anyway, in three rounds you can have a seven pip tempest ready to roll OR you can have a few heals worth of pips at your disposal. Either way, getting pips fast rocks especially since with this style of play you don't get the benefit of using a wand that gifts you a pip at the beginning of the round. Every pip counts. I'm sure there's a life lesson in that somewhere: keep a coin jar, kids (and don't play those stupid claw games at Walmart, would ya'? They're SUCH a ripoff.)

7- Low and slow . . . like you're cooking steaks out on the grill. It took a few turns to wake myself up to what my deck needed to look like. The winning deck was three legend shields (-70% myth/death), three storm shields (-80% storm), three fairies, a storm minion, two reshuffles, a blade, a trap, a prism, and a tempest. I shielded up, healed, minion, reshuffle, continued to shield myself until minion had agro, and then I shielded minion with legend shields and storm shields. Then I reshuffled and built pips. In the end, our defense was definitely our strongest offense. minion had elemental shields, legend shields, storm shields, and spirit armor while casting sprites and storm traps a plenty. You wanna know what won Meowiarty? one pip spells from my starter wand. I couldn't do much else . . . Meowiarty kept shielding against storm AND with my low mana, it was actually safer to cast wand spells than tempest spells, a couple of fizzles on a fully charged Tempest, and I would have ran out of mana before winning (minion don't care none about doing damage, he's a tank). In retrospect I should have had a storm snake spell in my deck instead of one of the other spells. Meh.

Here's the last few minutes of the fight for y'all YouTube style. :)

SO YES, it is now onward to Mooshu and all the joys therein. Next major challenge? Those pesky oni's. Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it.

OH YEAH! And before I forget, here's the next item of the day: It's the Samoorai Bust. Hidden in a fire in Hametsu Village, you'll find this little doorstop just waiting to be picked up. ;-)

Happy Dueling!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Check This Out! (Episode 8.5)

Well, since I didn't finish up yesterday . . . here you go!


This one is from Garrett HawkFlame:
i was about to do the counterweight east dungeon in marleybone, and i was wandering around their royal museum before i was about to do the dungeon, just looking at their cool krokatopia artifacts, and i came across this krokatopia picture, and it said press "X" to collect, and so i got it, and i put it up in my house, but i just thought that maybe you could put that on for the next housing item of the day, i dont have any pics of it, sorry, but i thought it was pretty cool. and its right by the counterweight east dungeon, so it shouldnt be too hard to find
YES! And ohmygosh guess what? I totally forgot to include that with the last Angus post as the item of the day.

There it is: the Framed Campsite Photo. Woot for loot!


This one comes from Noah Dreamblood: there is a picture I know you'll like that I took, sorry the candles arent aligned that well though.


How did you know all I wanted for Christmas was a unicorn statue with floating candles? . . . only for real! I didn't get that, but I'll take this instead. Unicorns make the universe spin uniformly and united in uniqueness and yuletide yearnings. The end.


This monstrous creation comes from one Alex Deathshade:
. . . sending you another LEGO wizard101 creation (Sorry if the pic is a little low quality, i took this with i photo) this is a lego piscean guard.

NICE! That thing would totally duel my dog in a battle and win. I'm digging that you're bringing the Wizard101 with the Lego. You sir, have the awesome. The end.


This one comes from Blaze Firesword:
Hi Friendly, my name is Blaze Firesword and recently I made a thread on wizard101 central that helps people understand how much a tier is on I wanted to see if you could spread the word for me.
Here is the link. you in advance.
Hey! Thanks for the Maths! You sir, have the awesome. The end. (plus, I hope you get a lot of thanks and maybe some forum gold . . . best of luck!)


This next central thread pointer comes from Dylan RavenCloud:
Hey there Friendly! I was at this thread and thought it was intresting.Got any thoughts on this,maybe you should send Greyrose a shout out.Here's the thread:
Cool. That's definitely an Easter Egg in the game. It makes me think that perhaps it has something to do with these other two mystery rooms in that instance, but I'm unsure.

Greyrose seems to be a little hard to reach over the holidays, but I'll see if I can't point her to this thread and my post.


This one comes from Kieren Stormcaller:
you know. Inside the fig... yeah... FOOOOOOOOD!
He's funny!
He's attached. That sounded weird...

haha! Cute . . . but deadly! *ominous*


And this last video comes from an old World of Warcraft friend of mine . . . she played a wicked druid.

hehe. Thank you, Shada! Man, that dude spent a LOT of money to make that tree. That's insane! My little Halloween light show is spendy, but this is over the top!


Thanks again for all the info, news, links, and fun! Catch the rest of you in the next episode offffff . . . CHECK THIS OUT!

Happy Dueling!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Check This Out! (Episode 8)

YO READERS! My e-mail is bursting with correspondence from y'all! So it is definitely time that we do another episode of CHECK THIS OUT!

First up is a note from Kyle Firefist regarding an invisible column glitch in Celestia.
Hey, Friendly! I found a spot in Stormriven, near Cuthalla, where there is an invisible column! i don't know how to make screenshots, so could you try to find it? It's near a purple square on the edge of the checker-board

Oh yeah! I think I've run into that one before. haha!


(photo by

Next up is a cool set of pictures from Vanessa from Diviner's Lane:
it is vanessa emeraldglade! so i got bored one day and allot of the time i draw when i get bored. lately my main subject of drawing
is wizards! lol
so i got tired of my friends so i choose to do someone i didnt no but i kinda... knew? lol
so i drew the lionbloods (you)

and then i got bored the next day so i drew bailey!

lol so i no you might not have brooms or seahorses but ya no lol

~vanessa emeraldglade, the diviners lane.
Those are freaking awesome! I'm loving the whole broom = surf board thing! ;-) I totally want to ride a broom like a surfboard. They should do that!

Thanks for the fan art, and nicely done too!


Next up is a Youtube video from Blaze Shadowhorn showing all the loot he got while on the test realm:

ahh, the test realm. It's too bad you can't take some of that with you, right? But, I think messing around with the crowns is probably everybody's favorite thing to do when the test realm comes out. You get to try all the mounts, buy clothes, and generally go crazy with all the stuff that's usually too expensive. :-)

Thanks for sharing!


Next up . . . Artur realizes there's smiley faces on seedlings!
Hello, it's atrur dragonstone. Don't know if you've noticed this yet but if you look at the pictures of seedlings, THEY HAVE HAPPY FACES ON THEM! I guess they're happy to finally get out of that dang shell. I COMMAND YOU TO STOP READING THIS EMAIL AND GO LOOK AT A CLOSE-UP OF A SEEDLING NOW
LOL! I know, right?! Totally fun! Now if we just had a way to turn them so they all smiled in the direction we wanted them to! :-)


Seth Hunter shared some pictures with me of his massive collections at his player housing:
Ok this is seth hunter AGAIN yes i like to bug peeps so i might as well on a massive scale so heres some of my collections BE AFRAID

BE VERY!!!!!!

VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(And those are just a few of the photos Seth sent me . . .)

Seth, you sir, have outdone yourself with the statue room! I love it. Nice collections all around. :-)


Wilzahk sent me a note about using those plant spells for other, more awesome purposes than just tending to your garden.
I JUST LEARNED SOME VERY important news.
It is a glitch, but a very good one at that.
You can apparently use gardening spells for special effects ANYWHERE OUTSIDE in your castle.

This is very important because now, you can take photos of you doing a jump in a pillar of sunlight.

hehe. Nice! Let me try that pillar of sunlight thingy you just mentioned.


Next up, a glitch report from Cassandra:
I found a MONSTROUS glitch!
This only happens on my dad's Windows XP Laptop, Not on my Vista laptop.
Fear the Butterfly!!

ACK! Now that's a butterfly you don't want to mess with . . . it reminds me of when we'd have to fight Xegony in Everquest. ;-)


Next up is a note from Caleb Silverflame:
If you ever decide making a post regarding the Giving Tree's rewards, or in a future Check this Out, can you please point out this thread?

Its a guide I had made, pointing out the rewards of the Tree. Maybe you may get some viewers to purchase them, and having people recognize the rewards can also answer a bunch of questions being asked to you about the Tree.

Thanks for this link Caleb! Yeah, if you all aren't aware of the awesome lootyness (that's my new invented word of the day) of the Giving Tree, please check that link out. If you want to advance your gardening skill, this is a great (and very generous) way of doing it.

'Tis the season!


Here's a fun note from Destiny DawnRiver that she sent me:
Hiya Friendly! I really like your blog- it helps me with a lot of stuff on Wizard101.
I made a little something for the holidays- to find it, follow these steps:
Go to
Click on "Dream Avatar"
Click "Search Avatars"
Enter "Original Friendly Necromancer" in the search box!
There ya have it!

If you want to have a laugh, you can also enter "Santa Friendly."

If you want to see my character on W101 in this fashion, you can enter "Destiny DawnRiver."

Happy Holidays!

Wow! Those are cool! Thanks! Glad my site helps you out, and thanks so much for the Avatars. Happy Holidays to you too!


And finally, check out this awesome picture that Blaze Mistshard sent us for Christmas:

I'm digging on how my hat totally ended up looking like a cowboy hat. :) And look at that devilish expression on Bailey's face! MUHAHAHAHA!

That's a great legendary group of friends right there.

OH, and good luck on getting your blog going again, Blaze! Everyone be sure to go visit the Casting Chills blog and check it out!

Thanks, Blaze!


I actually have a ton more of fun stuff to share with you guys, but I've run out of time and need to head to work now.

Thanks so much for thinking of me! I'm overwhelmed by the awesome Christmas gifts, pictures, and thoughts. You guys rock!

Happy Dueling!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Angus Cues up for Big Ben

Angus don't care none about dance floors in Katzenstein's Lab.

It is true! Angus soundly defeated Katzenstein while au naturale, and he did it with the wonderful help of his OUTSTANDING minion. Seriously, minion worked overtime on this fight. I'm glad I was able to catch at least the last half of that fight to show you all, and do a little reminiscing of the dance floor video.

After that it was just a couple short trips to the counterweights and now he's on to Big Ben. The Bellows fight was extremely intimidating. Alone, with none no clothes on. /shivers! But fortunately, a quick golem minion treasure card back to back with a sacrifice minion for 5 pips treasure card justapose a tempest did the trick for thinning the crowd. :-)

I have to say that the most frustrating fight so far was Jacques the Scratcher. /shakes head. The tower shields with balance shields and weakness about stopped me, but thankfully I busted through all the nonsense on my third try.

Hope to see you guys on the other side of Big Ben!

Happy Dueling!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Meeeeeerrrrrrryyy Christmas Everybody!

Nanamancer used to have one of these trees, and I use to say, "Merrrrry Christmas Everybody!" over and over and over because of it.

Well, I just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas! I hope you're all getting what you want and deserve (hopefully crowns, right?)

Here's a picture of Bailey and Blaze by the big tree.

And of course, he's a picture of everyone's favorite Jollymancer! (head nod to @RogueSorcerer for coining Jollymancer, lol.)

Thanks so much for all the fun and awesomeness. I'm so grateful for all my friends and family that I get to play Wizard101 with.

Good night, friends!

Leave me a note and let me know what you got (or gave) for Christmas this year!

Happy Dueling!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where are Some Celestia Furniture Drops?

Alexander Battleflame has a question:
Hey Friendly I have a question where are some Celestia frontature drops?
Heya! Well the best list I've found is over at Central on William Ghostrider's thread.

It doesn't seem complete just yet, but I think it's a great thread to watch and participate on!

Personally, I really want to farm me up one of those Shark Huts from Calypso. Yeah! YEAH! We'll make that housing item of the day . . . maybe that will inspire me to go farm Calypso a few times. ;-)

What furniture item from Celestia are you most interested in farming?

Happy Dueling!

Administrative Note -- PUDDI PUDDI

Heya! I was a little behind in adding blogs to the blogroll list. I've added four or five new blogs. Hopefully if you've been waiting for me to add you, your wait is over! If I've somehow missed your blog, then leave a note here and I'll get you added.

I've also moved a few older blogs to the archives.

This has been an administrative note; it is only a note. If this had been an actual post, then you would have been given something more awesome to watch . . . like this:

Happy Dueling!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Large Soil's Amount of Gardening Questions

Whew, I have a lot of gardening questions that just came in over the past few days. let me see if I can't answer some of these.

Whitestorm has a couple questions
(1) How often do you need to check your plants?

(2) I moved out of one house and into another recently...but couldn't figure out how to pick up my pots containing plants! Is there a way to do that?
1- You should check your plants daily. Once a day is plenty, and twice a day is fine, but your plants will have needs every day.

If you have a number of challenging plants or just a large number of plants in general, you'll probably want to visit them three times a day and break up tending to them as your energy allows . . . it's easy to get carried away with gardening and you spend your energy a lot faster than you do with pet mini-games. Taking care of the pests will probably be the most important thing you do.

I personally decided to try not to grow a garden that is too big. I'm limiting myself. I'm really in no rush to get to rank 10 in gardening. One plot of pink dandelions and a giving tree is all I have. That's got me up to Rank 5 so far (mostly because that giving tree is SO GIVING!).

2- Unfortunately, no, there's no way to pick up your pots or plants after you've put them in the ground. Even if you say you want to put everything in your attic, it still won't pick up your pots or plants.

Chris has a question:
I have been trying gardening recently, but for some reason I can't harvest my mature plants. They have no needs or pests, so could you pleasse help!

A lot of people on the test realm were under the false impression that you can harvest a plant as soon as it's mature. That isn't the case. Each plant has a slightly different harvesting schedule. Luckily (unlike how it was on the test realm) if you open up your gardening tool and mouse over any plant, it will tell you when you can harvest your plant next.

Jacob Ashweaver has SIX questions:
Hi again Friendly!

I had a question(s) about gardening:

1) How can you make sure the plant you plant will face the right direction? Can you rotate it when it's a seed?

2) Will placing a plant in a pot give the planter benefits (harvesting, less pests, etc.) ?

3) Can you create something like a chart for the harvest rewards for each plant, elder and mature?

4) How do you get a gardening treasure card?

5) Can a plant die of age of something even if you take perfect care of it?

6) Has updated with gardening rewards?

I had one other that I forgot... I'll come up with it later.
Wow that's a lot of questions!

1- I haven't found a way. It doesn't seem to matter which direction I'm facing, and it doesn't seem to matter what plant I'm planting, I just can't twist and turn them. Fortunately when they mature, they react to people and bend or shy away from them, right?

2- The only benefit you get from planting in a pot is that you can put it inside your house and you have access to medium enchanted soil earlier than you get the spell to make that soil.

3- That's going to have to be a community effort, and in fact, I do believe that work has already begun on Central. Possibly other locations. Maybe in the future I'll put something like that here. :-) Good suggestion!

4- You buy a pack of Moolinda Wu's Green Thumb cards from the crown shop, which are ridiculously priced now, btw.

On the test realm those cards were much cheaper. I don't know if I'd waste my time with them now. I'd probably just buy an energy elixer or two if I had too many plants than energy in a day.

Luckily you can *rarely* find a gardening treasure card as a drop! Here's a thread on Central that's tracking it.

5- Nah, at best it'll turn Elder. You don't have to harvest your elder plant. At that point, it's like a ghost plant . . . there until you harvest it away and no need to tend to it.

6- I have not heard of updating their rewards to include seeds yet, but it's a good question. I'll forward it on to Greyrose and see if I can get any answers for you.

Hope that helps!

Happy Dueling!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Angus Cares About Powerups

Angus may not care none much for nothing, but he does care about this!


Thank you floating storm bird of awesomeness for this spell of awesomeness!

Which leads me to a question . . . why oh why haven't they used this storm bird model to make a pet yet? That's freaking awesome looking! (I think I heard a rumor once about this storm bird being in game . . . I dunno for sure, readers?)

Tempest has been extremely helpful in Marleybone so far. Little Angus buddy is up to the Ironworks and is almost ready to head over to the Scotland Yard.

OH, and when you enter Marleybone, don't forget to pick up this awesome housing item of the day. It's a coil of rope that's hidden around by the Marleybone spiral door. You'll find it.

It looks absolutely . . . not amazing . . . in Angus's not amazing dorm room.

Yeah, he don't care none about how stuff looks. He just chucks it down to get it out of his backpack. If he cared more, he'd probably go sell it at the bazaar.

Happy Dueling!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Boosts and Resists against Astral School?

Another question from Destiny Dawnriver:
Hi Friendly! I have a question that will be interesting to budding wizards in Celestia.
What schools do the Star and Moon creatures resist? I'm Fire, and they resist that. What other schools do they resist?
Heya! I wasn't sure on the answer to this so I logged in and tried out different types of attacks on different Star and moon creatures. What I found out was that the resistances were exactly the same: Ice and storm attacks are boosted, Fire attacks are resisted (as you suggest). It also appears that the other schools of magic are neither resisted or boosted.

It seems like the Fire school got the short end of the stick, but luckily a boost is just a prism away for the fire school. (too bad a lot of their damage is done in DoT spells . . . that's just really difficult to prism)

In general though, resistances seem strange in Celestia. Sometimes you can be fighting a boss and they'll surprise you. A good example of this is Unimatus in the Stellarium. He's flagged as a Myth boss, yet Death boosts against him.


So, Your mileage may vary, and I am interested in hearing from readers' experiences with resistances in Celestia.

Good question.

Happy Dueling!

Where do I get the ingrediants for "The Special" quest? (p.s. Feint necklace?!)

Taylor ThunderDust has two questions:
1) I have this side quest, called "The Special" that I got, from a tutorial tip, when I dinged 52 and its from a guy in the CL Base Camp, named Ogden Peake. And the quest is about how he has work to do but can't continue without a joke. And he sends you to MarleyBone to talk to the snack vendor in Regent's Square. Then the snack vendor tells you to go around the worlds of the Spiral, looking for the snacks, and you, apparently, need: Nettle Root, which is located in various locations in KT, Medium Fish, various locations in MB, Stinky Cheese, various locations in MB, and Golden Squash, various locations in MS. I can't find them, and there's no quest helper allowed. It acts somewhat like a Zeke quest, because it gives a training point. Help, if possible? (screenshots attached, I hope..)

2) I saw someone with a Feint necklace! a LEGIT Feint necklace! I just didn't screenshot it..but it was different from the actual Feint, with +75% to enemies and 20%+ to you. Just thought you should know.


These are actually Bazaar questions . . . not bizarre, but bazaar! :-)

1- All the items needed for "The Special" quest are located in the Bazaar! I just price checked these a couple minutes ago.

So if you don't want to take the time to farm all those up, just take around 3k gold to the bazaar and finish it the easy way! :-)

2- I know, right!? These are super awesome necklaces. Both of these can also be found in the bazaar. Chickachickacheck em out!

Thanks for the questions and screenies!

Happy Dueling!

Where are the gardener moles in Wizard101?

Here's a question from Destiny DawnRiver:
Where are the other gardening moles: Harley, Farley, and the other two?

Why, Charley and Marley of course!

Here's a quick collage for each gardener with their location, the items they sell, and the spells you can train from them. (You can click on these to enlarge them if needed.)

Interesting how there's no Dragonspyre, Grizzleheim, or Marleybone gardeners. Dragonspyre and Marleybone I can see, but you'd think Grizzleheim would be an awesome spot for a gardener. /shrug. (Barley, Carley, and Sharley? Hey! They should have a contest for naming the next mole!)

I think they should have made Harley's neckerchief blue instead of a darker version of Farley's neckerchief. I like typing the word neckerchief. (Seriously, how cute would a girl mole named Carley with a purple neckerchief in Grizzleheim be?)

Hope that helps!

Happy Dueling!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Krokotopia, Your Gear Don't Matter None!

Dear Krokotopia,

I do now hereby declare with as much attitude as an Angus Unicornpants can muster, "YOUR GEARZ ARE OVERRATED!!" Why? For Angus has bested your Krokopatra with no clothes on!

This eventually led to another awesome power up for Angus. +1 potion bottle woots!

Meh, now I'm going to go back now and finish up all the side quests I skipped in Temple of Storms. :)

I'm not going to lie to you, this style of play is much harder. If I've made it sound like it's a breeze, then I've misled you. I've been defeated multiple times, but my victories have far exceeded my losses. With this style of play you have to be much more observant about your opponent's pips and your available cards. You pretty much have to be thinking two or three rounds ahead.

What I'm mostly noticing is a change in how I'm using my sideboard because this style of play is all about how you stack your deck. Treasure cards > than all.

Note that I haven't yet used potions or henchmen to aid me. Health, mana, and accuracy potions are pretty easy to come by thanks to Wizardblox codes. I haven't decided yet whether that's considered cheating or not, so I've been opting for a more puritan view. ;p

I'm looking ahead to where the show stoppers will actually be. Many of you guessed Marleybone is where Angus will be halted. I'm not so sure. Personally I'm starting to think the fight in Dragonspyre where I have to break through a ton of shields to kill the pox and eventually best Marva will be Angus's last fight. /shrug

Only time will tell! Either way, I have a new level 25 Storm wizard on my hands now! :)

Nakey pants and still soloing!


Happy Dueling!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Video Time! Tearing up the Krokotopian Arena . . . WITH ANGUS!

hehe. I just *had* to do this . . .

So waaaaaaayyyyyy back when I started this blog, I posted up a video of one Thomas Lionblood in the Krokotopian arena. September 21st, 2008. Since that time it has gotten 45,000 hits. And that's WITHOUT commenting enabled. If I had comments enabled on my video those hits would be much more.

Why don't I allow commenting on YouTube videos, you ask?
1- I freaking hate YouTube comments. ("newb casting outside of yr class LOL l2p." "W101 is for babies, why R U Not playing WOW! failzors!")

2- I'd rather have all discussion happen on my blog instead.
Anyway . . . Angus just finished up the Krok Arena a couple days ago, and I did some video for you all. I couldn't resist taking that very first Wizard101 YouTube I made and doing a new one for Angus. :-)

Pretty straight forward. Heals, Shields, Sharks, and Krakens!


Happy Dueling!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winners of the 1,000,000 Views Raffle!!

Hello my dear friends!

The mystical powers of have spoken. The list of winners is as follows:

First place winner of the Massive Fantasy Palace isssssssss!!!!!!!!!!


The two second place winners of 60k crowns areeeeeee!!!!!!!!


The three third place winners of three mounts in one arreeeeerreeeee!!!!!

Blaze Hexbane
Mr. Owl

The ten fourth place winners of 5k crowns each arerererererere!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley Spiritweaver
Matthew Stormshade
Blaze Mistshard
Royal Wizard

Thank you all so much for entering. I know it's a let down when you don't win, but I am so excited for all the people who did win something! YAY!

efbfroggy should be renamed efblucky!

I actually have run out of time this morning, so I will be e-mailing out or sending the winners a message over central sometime either later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Thanks all for participating and for all the page views. Thanks to Kingsisle for sponsoring this raffle and supplying the amazing gifts! I love any excuse to give away cool stuff!


Keep checking back. You never know when I'm going to surprise you with another awesome raffle. I don't know if they'll all be as epic as this one, but hey! I've been able to give away some really cool stuff the past couple of years thanks to the powers of Kingsisle's generosity. We truly have a fantastic community here in Wizard101.

Happy Dueling!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RAFFLE CLOSED! Here's to 1,000,000 More!


Ok, I had a lot of responses. WOW, I had a lot of responses . . . I wish I had the time, energy, and endless gift supply to give you all a present!

I will be posting up the winners shortly. The original message has been removed and replaced with this one to protect your e-mail addresses.



~~~~~~~~~~~Original Message Below~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As promised, it's time for a raffle! I've got some spectacular prizes too. I do believe this will be the best raffle you all have ever seen on my blog. This is going to blow your mind.

First place: Double-wide card!

(you know, with the dog and the spear and the clothes and the game and the house and the 5,000 crowns? note: you can't choose the month sub vs. crowns on this one, you only get the crowns option)

YEAH! How about that as a gift, but wait . . . I've got more. Some of you might even go as far as to argue that the second place gift is more awesome than the first place gift.

Second place: 60k crowns! (and a couple of you will win this puppy)

WOOOZOWOWOW! Oh wait, it's awesome. Yup. But so is THIS.

Third place: a code that gives three mounts: A dragon, a horse, and a broom!


Fourth place: 5k crowns! (ooo, I have a number of these to give away)

So here's what you need to do to enter: Leave a comment on this post and include either your Wizard101 Central name or an e-mail address where I can contact you if you win. That's it. That's all you have to do. Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will most likely get you removed from the voting altogether.

Many people will enter but only a small handful will win, but if you don't enter how will you even have a chance to win, right? I will be having the powers of choose the winners. This raffle will end sometime tomorrow morning. A short time after that, I will be erasing your comments (to protect your e-mail) and locking comments on this post.


Happy Dueling!