Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where do you get the Ice Elf pet?

The Wandering Conjurer has a question today!
Hi there Friendly!

I like you're blog a lot and read it all the time.
I had a question for you, do you know where you can get an "Ice Elf" pet? I took a screen shot, you can find it here:
I really like it and would like to get one if possible.

The Wandering Conjurer

Yes! I do know where you get the ice elf pet! Guess where?

I said guess?!

Wrong. It's from Gift Certificates that you buy from!

So when you receive one of these gift certificates and you redeem it, it's just like getting a card from a store . . . only the gift certificates come packed with a card of ice elf.

You know, I kind of wish the pet used the new fire elf model. That would rock.

All the cool people give gift certificates to themselves for Christmas. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Heather Raven said...

Thank you so much! Now I'm going to have to get one of those gift certificates. They are so cute!

Sierra Starsong said...

Just wondering - How do you do those "click here" pics where everything else is blurred?

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Check out
Do you know where he got that robe and those boots? Are they still available? I think they are old crowns gear, and my brother thinks they are drops.

The Nice Ice Wizard said...

Hey Friendly!

How do I follow you on the blog! I'm confused I cant find the button >.> Thanks

Donna Spell Thorn said...

Dear Friendly-
I really like your blog, and that's big for me, cuz I'm a Life Wizard. Just one question- WHERE THE HECK IS THE FOLLOW BUTTON!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Wolf Rainbreeze said...

"All the cool people"? ;) I take it that means you lol.

Stingite said...

Did I say that? ;-)

Brian said...

is it still available this year 2012? i am asking because i bought my self a certificate before and have not gotten a pet