Monday, January 11, 2010

How do you get the quest for Briskbreeze Tower?

Question from Alex Icebreeze:
Hey Friendly! Well I need help in Colossus Boulevard. Well there is a tower in there called The Briskbreeze tower. Well I have been searching all over Colossus Boulevard but I could not find a quest for it. Can you help me get in there? -Alex Icebreeze

Yup, here's what you do . . . get to level 50 if you aren't already, then seek out the guards in Olde Town. Piece of cake, then all you do is follow the yellow arrow.

Side note . . .

That outfit is so not Raven!


You know, someone really needs to go update the wikia entry for Briskbreeze Tower by the way. All that's there is a description and a list of what you'll find on each floor of the tower . . . but that's not even right since Level 7 has floating wisps that can be avoided (and thereby avoid the fight). I'd do the updating, but I'm running low on time and that'd take at least a couple of hours to update I think.

Meh, you can always go read the guide on Central. Hmmm, yup, that guide doesn't tell how to start the quest to get into the Briskbreeze Tower does it? And all I ever talked about was my first time in and how tough the bosses are. Here we go, they talk about getting the quest on this thread of the Wizard101 main boards. YAY!

Best of luck!

Happy Dueling!


Ashley Silversong said...

friendly i have a blog and can you plz follow it it called my daily life and can you plz tell me how to pictures on it i really wanna put my christmas pictures on there PLZ PLZ PLZ TELL ME!

Stingite said...

Hey Ashley, shoot me an e-mail and I'll tell you how to add pictures. :-)

Tim Goree said...

Wow, Friendly, that Raven picture was one of the most random things you have ever done!

COOL! The word verification to leave this comment is "sione"! If you put an "m" in the middle, it becomes "simone". Isn't that Raven's last name?!?!?!

potroast42 said...

we're working on the briskbreeze tower... or trying to at least. I don't think any of the very active members have a GM... that can be a problem when you can't get into the tower...