Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why doesn't tempest display treasure card damage correctly?

I have a question from Destiny Stormstone:
hey Friendly!! I noticed when you used a tough card on Tempest, the hit points on the card didn't go up. I'm sure there is a reason for this!!
From Destiny StormStone!

Heya Destiny! How's it going?

Ok, so I tested this just to make sure I knew what you were talking about since I hadn't really noticed this before.

Here's tempest

Here's tough

Here's tempest with tough.

Yup no change. So, I took off all of Kyle's damage increasing gear and cast a four pip strength tempest on a ghost on unicorn way.

Here's the math.

So it looks like the tough card did increase the damage even if it didn't show the number on the card.

You know, this begs the question . . . if it shows incorrectly on *this* card, it must certainly show incorrectly on *other* cards, right? The answer is, yes! I did some research and found two threads on Central where this was discussed a long time ago by a few people: one and two (I'm sure there are probably more threads about this, these were just the two I found)

So from what I'm reading there, it's not only a problem with Tempest, but with heckhound and judgement and all of the "x" spells . . . and I even found out that tough displays correctly for poison but for some reason only picks up damage bonuses from clothing on the first hit and not on any subsequent hits? This is a nightmare! Whoa . . . Destiny! This is like a huge can of worms right here. This could be the motherlode bug question!!! I hear testers going crazy right now and people spinning out of control as they run test after test after test! Or, this could just fade away because, you know, who cares.


This isn't listed on the known bugs list and it's been a problem since at least December of 2008! HUGE!

Thanks for the question, Destiny. I'll see if I can't alert a few people at Kingsisle.

Happy Dueling!


The Ravenhunter said...

I beleive I know the reason of this. You know how "any pip" spells can get up to 14 pips? If you look around the Wiki or the Central , you'll find a card like, say, Monsurous? If you notice, the increase is over 140 damage and that as I said earlier, you can get up to 14 pips for a "any pip" spell. if you do the math, I think that you will get a in crease of 10 damage. This may not work for Heckhound or Tempest ( Heckhound because multi-attack, Tempest because all- enemy), but I bet that it will work for Judgement. Good news for Balance wizards. I'm sorry, but I don't beleive it will work for Heckhound, or Tempest. I think the only thing it will work for is Judgement. In conclusion, doesn't work for Tempest, which was the question.

CD said...

I blame it all on Myth! jk.
Actually, what happens with tempest and heckhound when you add a tough to it, the total damage (for tempest) is (80 per pip) + 75

This makes it a great deal when low on pips; 1 pip does 155 damage, 2 pips 235.
Since the 75 is added to the total, you can't put a text on the treasure card that says 85 per pip or 155 per pip, and if you write 80 per pip +75 it will look like it will attack twice, like a Myth attack. I guess KingsIsle will have to go for the mathematical notation after all.

Sierra Starsong said...

Yay Friendly the Good Luck Bear! {{hugs teddy}}