Thursday, January 28, 2010

Player Trading Card of the Day--Connor Shadowstalker

Here he is! Connor Shadowstalker!

It's nice to finally round out the storm set with this card. Connor's advice makes me laugh, but when you play a storm wizard, these are words of wisdom! Don't get too discouraged my friends! Bring an accuracy buff in your deck. :-)

Happy Dueling!


1Handed Elephant Lover said...

Hey Connor, nice advice. Even though I play a Myth deck, maybe I should use that advice too.
-William Dragonthorn

Charles Raven said...

Hey Friendly!

Just wondering, Could you make a trading card of me? You don't have to, but I am just asking if you could.

potroast42 said...

haha i love the fizzle motto

Shadowstalker said...

Thanks for making this for me!