Monday, January 18, 2010

Was Sylvia Drake the first life teacher?

Got a question here about some lore!
When i looked on W101 website and on the esteemed faculty page, it says that Moolinda Wu is RECENTLY HIRED. Was Sylvia Drake the first life teacher? and that is why Malistaire left?

Your answer is yes and yes.

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Ok, maybe I'll go into some more detail.

*assumes the role of a chatty kathy talking to her friends about her favorite soap opera*

Sylvia Drake was in fact the first life teacher. She was great friends with Gloria Krendell in Olde Town. They totally liked to break out the glue sticks and acid free paper together. Seriously. They made a scrapbook that somehow made its way into the hands of Sergeant Skullsplitter. I have no idea what kind of crazy stuff Sargent Skullsplitter was doing with a scrapbook, but that's just downright insanity. What in the world would an undead skeleton guy want with their scrapbook? Anyway, the real story is that Sylvia "wouldn't get better" from a cold. I repeat, "wouldn't" . . . that's what Krendell said to me anyway. I mean, you have the professor of the life school who was all about the healing arts and for some insane reason she "wouldn't" get better. Wouldn't? Shouldn't she say "couldn't" instead of "wouldn't"?

Is that trying to tell me that Sylvia had some kind of sick death wish? What a weird chick she is . . . all in love with the master of the dark arts, Malistaire, and obsessed with not getting better from a sickness. CREEPY! What's even more creepy is how you end up meeting her in Dragonspyre when she's turned into a wraith at the hands of Malistaire as he's tried to bring her back to life. SUPER CREEPY! It's almost like Sylvia is the cause of all this insanity more than Malistaire you know? All he did was fall in love with this death obsessed chick and try to help her out. I don't know, they're both insane. I say they deserve each other. Well, I guess she's ok and stuff. She's super groovy looking with a flower headband when she's a ghost and you see her in Malistaire's Lair. Malistaire thinks that his brother, Cyrus, is just messing around with him and he's all stop and Cyrus is all NO YOU STOP and then Malistaire is all DIE! I can't believe Sylvia messed with his head so much that he was going to like destroy everything to bring her back to life. Are you hungry? Let's go to Chic-fil-A or something, K? I love their Polynesian sauce. YUM!

. . .

How was that?

You find all that information out from doing this quest here.

You get a little more information (not much) about her when you see her again in the Necropolis as a wraith.

And finally you get another glimpse of Sylvia Drake in Malistaire's Lair, where I took this picture of her.

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Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Seriously, what kind of a name is Malistaire? What did people think of him as a kid?

M.W.S said...

Lol, the secret behind this mysterious cause falls into the hands of Headmaster Ambrose himself.

Benjamin Fairydust said...

I wouldn't say "wouldn't" is meant as she didn't want to be healed. The way Kendell says makes it sound like everything that everyone else was doing to try to heal her wasn't working. So it's not that she wouldn't get healed, but that the healing spells wouldn't heal her. Get what I'm getting at? This being so she doesn't come out as insane. Instead it sounds like the 'cold' was more than a cold; a spell gone wrong perhaps. And once the 'spell' infected Sylvia it "wouldn't" leave thereby killing her. And so...sorry for the length of this comment...Malistaire feels extra guilt and so trys extra hard to try to resurrect her, i.e. his supposed insanity.
Just a Question:
I haven't gotten to DS yet, but I have defeated Malistaire(w/ friends). I don't remember the storyline exactly, but once you defeat Malistaire what becomes of him? Does he turn to dust, go into hiding, become one of the good guys, or what?

Jessica said...

LOLZ! You did a great job chatting about a 'soap opera'.

To me, Gloria sounds like she's saying that apparently, Sylvia didn't want to get better.
That brings a whole new storyline. Popcorn, anyone?

Unknown said...

"Seriously, what kind of a name is Malistaire?"

It's an alternate spelling of "Aleister" (as in Mr. Crowley), with an M stuck on the front so the first syllable sounds like "malice".,_Aleister

Donna SpellThorn said...

I have a totally different reason why she wouldn't get better. Remember when you took the quiz at the beggining of the game? One question was "Wich of these most affects you?" well, one of the answers was "Plague" that was the answer for Life.And that is why shwouldn't get better.

Unknown said...

Pretty sure Plague is Death school.

Volcano - Fire
Blizzard - Ice
Hurricane - Storm
Sandstorm - Balance
Earthquake - Myth
Plague - Death
which leaves Tornado for Life... doesn't make as much sense as the others, but plague makes perfect sense for Death. The bubonic plague, also known as the black death, killed about 66% of Europe's population.

Anonymous said...

I don't thinik sylvia was insane. i'm guessing that she was never in love with malistare he just loved her and put a love spell on her. she cought a cold the same time malistare's spell started to wear off so she didn't let people heal her because if she died at least she would be away from malistare. thats just my theary