Monday, May 31, 2010

Freaking Out for the Crab Pet!!

Yes my friends, the entire Wizard101 world is freaking out for the crab pet right now. It's the amazing new discovery that has everyone GOING INSANE AND POPPING RIGHT OUT OF THEIR EXOSKELETONS!

I first heard about it earlier this morning when I was derby'ing, and I got a tell asking if I wanted to go farm for the crab pet. I had to log off, but it had me kind of scratching my head. Crab pet? hmmm?

*Time passes*

A few hours later, I log on and I must have gotten 3 tells in the span of ten seconds that basically said, "HAVE YOU GOT THE NEW CRAB PET?!" The last of the three tells happened to be one Fallon Shadowblade (I think Kestrel was another one of those tells . . . it's kind of a blur . . .). So I port to Fallon and sure enough, she's looking dapper with her new crab pet. Check it out! Baby Zeus rocks!

The next thing I know I'm on a farming spree with Kyle, Bailey, Cassandra, Kyle Firesword, Blaze Mistshard, etc. etc. etc.


But wait . . . I'm telling a story here.

I got my crab! Woot! The "Crabling" pet dropped for Thomas Lionblood on about his third try. LOL.

Five minutes to hatch and comes with a card of Summon Storm Minion.

And now.

The location.

of said Crabling pet.




Reed over at Central knows!


it's in the Ancient Burial Grounds from the Crazed Forest Spirit.


Happy Dueling!

How do I run multiple wizards from the same account?

I gotstamea question here from Destiny StormStone:
hi! I have noticed that some of my in-game friends can log onto their accounts twice, and have 2 wizards of the same account play together. I have tried doing this, but it logs me out because someone else logged in. How do you do it?!?!?!
The answer is quite simple actually, Destiny. While you cannot log into the *same* account twice, you certainly can log into another account at the same time.

I run three accounts (been debating a fourth actually . . . don't tell my therapist), and I will run all three at once often. To do this, first, you are going to need to set up a new account at

Got a new account?


1- Log into your first account in the game, click the play button, next I go to my options and select to run the game at the lowest resolution possible and out of full screen mode.

Now you should be at your character screen.

2- Log into your second account in the game, click the play button. Your options should already be set to the lowest resolution possible and out of full screen mode automatically.

Drag and arrange your windows side by side (or however you prefer)

Tada! You're now running more than one account at the same time. It's impossible to run the *same* account, but more than possible to run multiple accounts at once.

Happy Dueling!

What stats will a pet earn from leveling?

Question from Paul:
Hey friendly, it's me Paul, again. I have a question, When you level up your pet from teen to adult, etc. what stats does it earn? Earlier today I got my hydra to adult and now it gives me + 2% balance attack plus the stats it already gives. So if my pet was a baby, will it give a card, then at teen, a stat, then at adult another stat, and so on? Can you find out what happens?

Ok, so this is a bit confusing and we've been talking a bit about this on my blog already, but let me try to just explain the basics here.

When you get a brand new baby egg pet and it hatches, what you will find is a new baby rank pet with only one point in each stat.

Hi baby ice salamander!

These stats are interesting; you have strength, intellect, agility, will, and power. Each one of these stats will affect your pet differently and in multiple ways. (thus why it's confusing) If you roll over the stat with your mouse, it tells you what it does. I've stitched together these below:

So, let's pretend I level my ice salamander to teen.

Um, ok, so let's just level my ice salamander to teen.

Hi Teen Ice Salamander!

So, now that he's leveled to teen, he manifested one talent and one derby skill. (He will continue doing that until he can't level anymore because his stats are maxed.) So, just to be clear, each time your pet levels you get one out of ten possible talents and one out of ten possible derby skills. How they manifest is random unless your baby egg came from two adult or higher pets, then they will have a greater chance to manifest the talents that the parents had manifested.

Lucky me, I manifested the ice salamander's one ultra rare derby skill. Debatably lucky me, I manifested one of King Elvis's uncommon pet talents.

Hearty adds 25 points to my strength skill, and Big Hurry adds +30 speed every 40 seconds (which means King Elvis is going to rock the teen derby scene big time.)


Let's play pop quiz!!!!

1- Had I manifested a skill that gives +mana, which traits would benefit my pet most? If you answered Intellect, Will, and Power, then you get a gold star!

Here's another . . .

2- Had I manifested a skill that gives +accuracy, which traits would benefit my pet most? If you answered Intellect, Agility, and Power, then you get YET ANOTHER gold star!

It's your lucky day, star collector!

This is fun, let's try again . . .

3- Had I manifested a skill that gives me +damage, which traits would benefit my pet most? If you said Strength, Will, and Power, then YOU JUST GOT ALL THREE STARS! WOOT!

If we look at King Elvis's stats, you can see that his maximum strength went from 75 to 100 because of his hearty talent. His strength was a little low, so that isn't the worst skill in the world.

In the end, I'm predicting that derby racing will probably be King Elvis's forte, but with his low overall stats, it probably would be better for me to keep him a teen for racing purposes and work mostly on his intellect so he can use his derby cheer while running on cobblestone and clay surfaces . . .

Hopefully in a round a bout way, I've answered your question. All pets have potential and since this system is so new, we're just now trying to discover what the possible talents are going to be. This is why the petnome project is so important. I really want to encourage everyone to keep filling out the petnome database everytime they discover a new talent on a pet. It'll help us know more about what our pets *could* become. For now though, it's basically a mystery.

Keep up the good work!

Happy Dueling!

What are the new pets from the vendors?

Not really a question, but more of a comment from the fabulous Destiny Deathgem:
Hey Friendly! :D
I saw your post about your 46 pets. You have a tremendous collection by the way. I was wondering if you knew that Crystal Spiders are for sale in the Dragonspyre Shoe Shop, since i noticed you did not have them yet on your collection. Just letting you know (that's if you didn't already)

RIGHT! I saw that in the test realm. And, no, I haven't picked one of those up, but I need to. Check it out:

And, I don't know if you all know this (uber wife showed me), but you can buy a new ice salamander pet over in Krokotopia from the vendor there.

I do believe those are the only two new "vendor" pets out there from the last patch. I scoured the spiral and couldn't find any more, so if you know of one, share the wealth, yo.

Happy Dueling!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pet Warlord


I've reached the top. Check out that badge over my head, y'all.

Looks a little bit like an Optimus Prime symbol there doesn't it?

And it's allllll due to that little ice cat down there named Queen Abbey. Cassandra has taken to calling him "evil kitty" since you know, he's SUPER FAST AND AWESOME!

I would say something about the driver not being half bad, but it wouldn't be the truth. It's all about the car, I mean, the cat. The evil cat.

Cassandra's pet of choice for the derby is Lord Kobe. In our practice races, all my other adult pets come in second to Lord Kobe. Sure, we're talking tenths of a second here, but still . . .

Now, all I need is to earn 1250 tickets for one of those spectres. LOL. HAHAHAHAHAHA! MUHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry.


Yeah, that's a lot of tickets.

I like racing but I don't know if I like it THAT much. I wonder if I could talk Professor Greyrose into giving me one of those Spectres for . . . scientific research, yeah, yeah. It's all in the name of science.

Happy Dueling!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wizard101 Central Party Going on As well!

I was just notified by Alex Jadeblade that there's a Wizard101 Central Party going on today as well! There's a couple threads about it over on central, but here seems to be the latest.

"Meet in Golem Court! Realm: Torrence. Area: One."

I suppose this is going on from now until the Ravenwood ball!


I'm hanging out for a bit with Alex, so hope to see you there.

Party day today!



Happy Dueling!

Ravenwood Ball Tonight

. . . I need to find some good marleybone clothes I suppose.

I might have to bring back the phantom of the opera mask outfit. ;-) Or how about this getup? Remember this getup? (Ronan might be one of the only ones that remember this post.)

So, right . . . we gots us a Ravenwood Ball Tonight! Check it out:

Date: March 29, 2010 (today :P)
Time: 7:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM CST, 5:00 MST, 4:00 PST
Location: Ravenwood Campus
Realm: Vampire
Area: 1

Let's see:
- Wizard101 Information just posted about this.
- Myth Wiz talks about it.
- Magical Myther gives us some 411.
- Ravenwood Radio is going to be there.
- AND, lest we forget the original post about the ball from Diary of a Wizard . . . here it is.

Um, there are probably a ton more posts about it up around the net (please don't be offended if I didn't link your post, just give me a link below :-)). This effort has been a month in the making, so it should be extremely well advertised!

See ya' there! (Hoping I can make it there at least!)

Happy Dueling!

The 46 pets of Thomas Lionblood

Ok, I went through Thomas's 46 pets this morning and took screenshots of them all. My hope is that from this I will be able to extract the rarity of the pet skills and help fill in some initial information on the petnome project.

Sorry about this, but here's all 46 of my pets + stats. Welcome to my bank space nightmare. (click to make bigger if you're interested in a pet)

Happy Dueling!