Sunday, December 6, 2009

Where do I find the Transmute receipes?

Cassandra always has great questions:
Ahhh, my generous friend plz help me!
I'm trying to be a master artisan(I'm already one and WitchWarrior101 XD) and I'm having trouble with diamonds.
Evil Theurgist used a diamond transmute recipe, and idk where to buy it.
Do you know where the transmute diamond recipe is, if you DO KNOW where it is?
Thanks a bunch, it means a lot!

The short answer is, Marleybone from Felicia in Reagent Square. Go get 'em.

The long answer is that I want to go above and beyond here and list all the transmute recipes and locations to get them . . . because I can.

Here you go

Vendor: Balthazar Dragonthorn
Location: The Atheneum (Dragonspyre)
5 leather strip = 1 Ectoplasm
15 stone block = 1 Fossil
15 lava lilly = 1 fire blossom
10 stone block, 10 cattail, 10 ore = 1 lava lilly

Location: Jade Palace (Mooshu)
5 ectoplasm = 1 spider silk
15 cattail = 1 water lilly
15 black lotus = 1 black pearl
10 cattail, 10 ore = 1 black lotus

Vendor:Felicia Worthington
Location: Reagent Square (Marleybone)
5 spider silk = 1 bronze gear
15 ore = 1 diamond
15 scrap metal = 1 spring
10 stone block, 10 ore = 1 scrap iron

Location: The Oasis (Krokotopia)
15 bronze gear = 1 bone
15 deep mushroom = 1 nightshade
15 parchment = 1 Ancient scroll
10 cattail, 10 deep mushroom = 1 parchment

Vendor:Eudora Tangletree
Location: Olde Town (Wizard City)
5 bone = 1 leather strap
15 mistwood = 1 acorn
15 mandrake = 1 blood moss
10 mistwood, 10 deep mushroom = 1 mandrake

Vendor:Torald Wayfinder
Location: Northguard (Grizzleheim)
15 frost flower = 1 grendel weed
10 mist wood, 10 stone block = 1 frost flower

Hope that helps!

Happy Dueling!


Amber StarGem said...

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-Amber StarGem

Alia Lotuspetal said...


That stuff pops out to me for some reason.

witchwarrior said...

^.^ YAY! *HUGS*
Thankies Thankies Thankies! XD

Anonymous said...

How do you get a quest for the GH person?

stingite said...

You just have to be 20th level to get to the grizzleheim vendor.

Anthony Death said...

2 questions:

1. Is their a transmute Aether spell because I could use that?

2. Where the heck can you find a conga drum? I've looked everywhere.

Bailey said...

@Anthony You can get the conga drum recipe from Gearwise the housing recipe vendor in Celestia. And while your in CL talk to Avery Templeton he has loads of transmute recipes including the one for aether. They are both in the Celetia Base Camp =)