Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tower of War?

Question from Silverheart! I haven't had a question from Silverheart in a while:
HI friendly I have 2 questions
1 my main Alyssa just got to the Tower of war her minion is useless at this point she has over 2200 health over 300 mana a deck split half and half between damage and heal what i want to know is what should i exspect and can I solo this in under an hour?
2 I am duoing the game with my best friend we are both level 6 i'm balance and she is life I want to do myth for the earthquake but she is thinking storm I disagree because it would take the pips off of my storm atacks once I get hydra and spectral blast what school should she do to benfit us most through the spiral?

Tower of War, eh? I should warn you I'm not feeling that smart today (might be needing more sleep or something).

Well I decided to go run this duo with Kyle and Amber to reacquaint myself with this tower. The Tower of War is the tower where you'll find Helina Warhawk in the Plaza of Conquests in Dragonspyre. We all have our heads on straight where this tower is now, right?

I had to research where this tower even was again because it's been so long. /shrug

Ok so the Tower of War is a seven layer dip of a tower. Man I love seven layer dip.

level 1 - Helina herself is here
level 2 - Fire mobs with around 1000 health
level 3 - Death mobs (banshees and stuff) with around 900 health
level 4 - Fire mobs (lavamen) with around 1000 health
level 5 - Balance mobs (silver sentinels methinks) with circa 1300 health
level 6 - Death mobbies (scarecrows) with around 1150 health
level 7 - Book!

This took the Amber and Kyle team a little under 20 minutes to complete and Tempest was used heavily.

We all acquainted with the Tower of War now my friends?

Solo? Yeah I'd look at finishing that in 40 minutes . . . maybe less depending on how well timed your heals and kills are. Shouldn't be too bad for you.

ok, time for your second question.

Let me get this straight: you have a life primary and a balance primary. You need to know secondaries, and you want to know if I agree with you on going myth for your secondary.

I imagine the balance wizard is going to be doing most of the damage in the fights, and the life wizard is going to play more of a support role for you two by keeping you guys alive. Therefore, I'm going to suggest your life friend go with death as a secondary up to feint and then wherever she wants from there. That spell is going to help a lot with killing stuff since you're both a little on the light side as damage goes. I'm also going to suggest you not go myth, but instead go one of the elemental routes since you're doing most of the damage. Maybe storm up to the blade, fire up to the trap, and ice up to the tower shield. You'll have a ton of shields in your spell book too if you do that and can be a shielding MONSTER (at which point the life wizard won't have to worry about heals as much and can help with damage.)

. . . unless you guys are building a pvp team . . . then yes, at least one of you should go myth for earthquake. Otherwise, I just don't see a big need for that spell.


Or just do what feels natural and fun, you know? There really is no magic formula there's just a few key spells that make the game easier (like feint)

I better just stop now. ;p

Happy Dueling!


Lyssie Silverheart said...

I soloed the tower of war yesterday it took about 30 minutes for me. And yes after we hit grandmaster we plan to do PvP. well actually I just can't talk my friend out of it, I don't want to. Thanks for the info : )

M.W.S said...

Hey Friendly... check out the newest post on my page.

I have some questions for YOU: Don't you have a death house and if so are you gonna make a video?