Thursday, January 14, 2010

Level 50 rings, graphic glitches, Tumok, and Marek Thistlethorn?

Plethora of a questions from Ms. Beth:
hey friendly i have several questions for you i hope you can answer them all

1. i have a grandmaster life and balance and i was wondering where you can get other lvl 50 rings besides the gurtok i have seen someone wearing one

2. i saw a guy in the plaza of conquests that was helping me i saw he was wearing a very differant wand i couldnt figure out what it was and when i went to look on his stats their was nothing equiped as a wand so i asked him where did you get that staff and this was his reply "it is a glitch i got it from one of the npcs here is ds" and i ask whitch one and "replyed idk i forget" so i went to every npc in ds and the one it resembles most to is milos's in the antheum. is their a wand like that?

3.i was wondering if the boss in malistaire's lair really droped the earthwalker pet his name is tomuk gravelbeard in dragons maw?

4. what is the npc in the other side by the ice gurtok his name is marek idk what he is for?

and that is all exuse me for my spelling i just woke up :P

Ok . . . *cracks knuckles* . . . let's DO THIS THING!

1- Ok, The Gurtok rings are awesome. But, yes, you do have a couple options besides the Gurtok rings available to you. First, I don't know if you've ever check Ironhawk's dragonspyre boss guide on Central for rings, but the rings he chose to include in his "best" list concentrate on hitpoints and mana being the best stats available.

So, for your Life wizard deep within the Labyrinth there is a boss called the Property Master. She has a ring called The Seal of the Steward that has 240 hitpoints and 180 mana (this beats the 227 hitpoints and 170 mana of the gurtok ring, but you sacrifice the +10 powerpip chance) What? No powerpip? Well, some are under the belief that if you play with a balance wizard who casts powerplay, then there really is no need to build powerpip chance and therefore you should steer away from powerpip chance because it's not needed. Personally, I like the gurtok rings because I like being self reliant.

For your balance wizard, The Hoarder drops a ring that is 240 health and 180 mana (which beats the 226 health and 170 mana of the gurtok ring, sacrificing the +10 powerpip chance once again).

Besides these rings, you also have the new rings from Briskbreeze tower. Be sure to check the guide here and scroll down to the rewards for finishing the tower.

For your life wizard, that would give you a ring with +237 hitpoints, +10 powerpip, and +5 damage. (In comparison to the Gurtok ring: you lose the mana, but gain the damage). The same for your balance wizard . . . lose the mana, gain the damage.

Since most level 50 players have huge amounts of mana anyway, most don't see this as a bad alternative to the gurtok rings.

2- There's a horribly dismissive and yet funny saying in the gaming world. It was coined originally by people who would say their guild had defeated a raid boss and then not supply a picture of said defeating on their guild website. This phrase is, "screenshot or it didn't happen." People started using this phrase for everything. It kind of became a joke. So . . . um . . . screenshot or it didn't happen, Beth. :p

So it looked a bit like this, eh?

Hmmm, I don't know if I've ever seen a staff quite like that. I'll leave this one up to the readers of my blog. Please post if you've seen a staff like that on someone in game.

3- Tumok Gravelbeard is an interesting boss. Nice call on pointing him out. Tumok has a bizarre loot table where he's said to drop high level items from any number of Dragonspyre bosses. He's kind of like a second chance chest for all of the bosses that people farm for hats and boots (like my pal Yeva Spiderkeeper). I tried to ask Greyrose about this one for you, but I think I expended my golden loot question ticket for yesterday's question about Crown Clothes . . . KI just isn't going to go poking into the guts of the game for us about every little thing.

SO, I'm going to say that the rumor is probably right. There probably is a chance to get that pet from Tumok, but verifying that rumor without KI poking into the guts of the game is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Since Tumok's loot table is so large, your chances of getting a rare pet are diminished even more than what they normally would be. If you do happen to get an earthwalker pet from Tumok, you are one lucky sucker. I'd screenshot it, or it didn't happen. :p

4- Marek Thistlethorn! I remember first noticing him when the hard version of Malistaire was in place. I was thinking at the time that perhaps he was associated with crafting or maybe he was a key component for defeating the hard version of Malistaire . . . especially since he was surrounded by lava lilies. Wikia says that Marek is inactive. Central says he's inactive (but people are trying to unravel the mystery). I have no idea.

He's holding one of those staffs like Milos, isn't he?

It kind of reminds me of Sir Reginald Baxby, the zebra. I've talked about him before. Maybe this is kind of the same thing.

Whew . . . thanks for all the hard questions, Beth. That was intimidating.

Happy Dueling!


Alex Deathshade said...

my sister made an ice charector before she was life and as that ice person she had to talk to him once!

The spiral King said...

hey friendly i to have seen a wand like that and when i went to look at his stats their was nothing equiped hmm weird huh i am the spiral king i have a blog on w101 to.

Anonymous said...

Um friendly, I have a question about the 50+ rings for Briskbreeze!!!

1) Is there also a dagger for 50+ that also gives 5% attack like the ring?

2) Is there a certain boos that drops each school's ring in Briskbreeze or is there just 1 boss?

If anyone knows the answer please answer me @
"Wolf Ice999"
on W101CENTRAL!!!