Monday, July 1, 2013

Finished! (and started again)

YO! It's TFN with another boring post about how I finished the current content with my main character!


I actually finished a week or so ago, but I just haven't said anything on my blog yet. I'm still processing the experience. The experience was very much like reading a good summertime book. What I mean by that is, it was kind of like when back in grade school when the book mobile would roll around our neighborhood, and I'd stroll in to find a book to read for the week.

Remember book mobiles?


They're awesome little buses that were packed with a small selection of books. My book mobile stopped just a block away from my house. I'd choose two or three good candidates and then stroll back home with some new adventures in my hands. Some of my book choices were good, and some were just meh, but regardless of the quality of the book, you wanted to read it all the way through to the end by the time the book mobile came around the next week so you could load up on some new reading material. Sometimes you'd succeed, and some weeks you'd simply go to the Bookmobile to window shop your next book because you weren't done reading the other books yet.

So my summer book the past month or so would be titled "Friendly Thomas, the Friendly Witchdoctor, in the Marleybone and Aquila Capers!" I guess (I'm suddenly glad that I'm not in charge of writing titles for books.) Next up in the series is "Bad Pedro Pace, Privateer with Penanche, in the Marleybone and Aquila Escapades!" (again, my apologies). Bad Pedro is already level 51 and still getting ready for his new adventures in Marleybone (aka hanging out in Port Regal).

What I liked about Aquila was the lean towards the classic film Clash of the Titans. When the medusa battle came up, I was totally like . . . where's my reflective shield!

Well, being blindfolded and under the effects of a potion that gives me Daredevil like senses is cool too. :)

I loved the whole experience, and I loved seeing all those Myth school monsters come to life in Pirate101 as full fledged actors. Seeing things like that happen make an old Wizard101 fan happy. I can't stress enough how if you consider yourself a Wizard101 fan, you should play Pirate101. There are so many head nods and cross connects that sometimes the game itself feels completely new yet like a solemn tribute to Wizard101 fans.

I'm interested in hearing what you thought of Aquila! Frogfather is asking right now what something you would want to change about your experience, but I generally thought it was a good time, and I full heartedly accept my new found buddy HAWKULES (!!) into my crew. :)

Now I just need to grind out the last two levels of Friendly Thomas's Nautical experience and finish out a few essentials (like getting Zeena as a companion).

Happy Dueling