Saturday, June 6, 2009

Housing Item of the Day--Skull

Hi! What have you been doing? Me? Collecting this skull and stuff.

Amber Deathsong and Kyle have been progressing through Dragonspyre a little bit and have entered into The Necropolis! Part of entering The Necropolis is that I now have a TON of work ahead of me at Wikia, and the other part of entering The Necropolis means that you have to defeat the Ghost of Sylvia Drake.

She's a lovely lady. Honestly. Nothing to fear.

Amber was so kind as to gift the skull reward from the quest to me so that I could put it in my Memorial Day exhibit.

Looks great there with Nightshade's Bones! Thanks Amber!

Happy Dueling!

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Countess Shadowbane said...

I am truly enjoying your "item of the day" post as my grandmaster was finished with the game before housing was introduced, so I missed out on all the cool stuff! Good thing I didn't start my necromancer until after - she can look forward to seeing what is in store :)