Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Longing for Appearance Slots

You know, I like my standard outfit.

But some days it just bores me to keep wearing the same thing over and over and over. Wouldn't it be great to have all the stats of my regular outfit while wearing something more awesome for the day . . . like this?

That outfit features a 25+ hat, the Dean's robes (which actually aren't half bad . . . they're like Malistaire's robes without the card), and the Santa boots (which have no stats on them at all).

I look like some kind of Goofy Russian Goth wizard. I love it. Just think of all the clothing combinations you could come up with if there were appearance slots. It's something Tara has longed for before.

I used it before in Lord of the Rings online to have some fun as well. So having appearance slots is not unheard of in these games at all.

I'm hoping either for appearance slots in Grizzleheim or a cool new bearskin outfit from Grizzleheim because I'm just kind of bored with my look.

On a side note, apparently this bear from Grizzleheim tried on a new hat and had an epic fail.

For more information on his plight and how he overcame this fashion gone wrong experiement, click here. Poor guy. Glad it has a happy ending.


Countess Shadowbane said...

I could not agree more! I hate not being able to wear some of the really cool stuff because of the stats, like the sweet little robe with the angel wings - so much fun but NO stats. There are days I'd like to look like a fearsome warrior and other days where I'd like to look like a girly girl with the wings! The possibilities are endless. So I say Huzzah! for appearance slots and I feel your pain, friendly! Hehe

Cheats and Crackers said...

This completely has nothing to do with your post at all, but I feel happy about it and feel I must share. Ok.
Last night, my fire wizard hit level 48. Yep, two levels away from grandmaster, and he has fire dragon and his little helephant by his side now. I have had much more fun with this guy than I did with my myth. So glad I chose to do this. Oh, and a quick question: After this guy, should I do balance, or storm? I have a feeling this calls for another post... lol

Isaiah Spelldust said...

I wanna dress like a bear!

Countess Shadowbane said...

C&C - do storm next! I think you would rock as a storm wizard! You've inspired me - I think I'm going fire. :)

Morgrim ShadowWraith said...

I cant wait to see what the Grizzleheim outfits are going to be like. I agree I hope that I will see wizards in viking helmets and animal skins :D

Countess Shadowbane said...

Oh I almost forgot - Congrats C&C and hey I'm still waiting to see that dragon! You left so quickly last night and I never had a chance to see it :(

Cheats and Crackers said...

Countess- Oh yeah, sorry about that last night. I was just really sleepy. I'll definitely show you today. :P

Friendly- Ha! Glad I'm an inspiration. And yeah, I was thinking on being storm too. Thanks for answering!

Stingite said...

LOL. Well, you are an inspiration...even if that was countess who said that and not me. I think I'd actually say balance next, maybe that is worth a closer examination.

Isaiah Spelldust said...

I agree morgrim. You know those Dragonspyre helmets that are the dragonheads? Well, they might have bear and ravenheads too. And I am guessing they will have a lot more staffs and spears too.

Another speculation - The voice overs, hmm? I wonder what those bears and ravens will have to say to us?

- The background and battle music

- The crown items ( housing )

- A school in Grizzleheim?


Ok, I know most of those were off topic ( a little ) but I have a great idea that's a little off topic too :

You know when everytime a player enters his/hers or friends' house that the music is all the same? Well, what if Kingsisle came up with a thing called "Jukes" , that can play different background music at their house. It could be available at each of the worlds' housing shops. For each world, there could be a couple different "Jukes" relating to that world. For example, battle music, commons music, golem tower music, etc. for Wizard City and so on. That might just be something to think about. I however thought about it as I was at my friends' Dragonspyre Residence and noticed Wizard City Music. The Jukes could either look like something you put in your house or you could equip it as if you would equip you house. Then when the wizard equips his/her Juke, they could teleport to their house and listen to it while they were doing their daily routines.

Isaiah Spelldust said...

@ C&C : Go with balance, then if you dont get the feel, get at least to journyman and do storm. Then when your done with storm, go to balance and you wont have to directly start from the begining! You'll have a quick 15 level start!

Morgrim ShadowWraith said...

oh and Friendly, I left a comment on the housing item of the day that you might appreciate :D

Anonymous said...

i agree. but friendly you should go on the w101 message boards and go to the dorms and type in on the search bar: "what type of wizard is Merle Ambrose" then read Gammas post.it sounds pretty cool.

-Daniel Darkbane

Fatal Exception said...

Really agree with you and the others on this one. Speaking as a non-programmer, I have to ask "How hard can it be?"

Hopefully, with enough of us, they'll mull the idea over.

Stingite said...

Thanks for voicing your feelings on appearance slots and whatever else was crossing your minds! I love the free-form discussion. Very cool.

@Isaiah: They had something similar to this in LOTRO. There was an invisible slot in the room where you could equip a song. Good idea.

@Morgrim: going to look now!

@Anon: Yeah! They've talked a lot about adding a third triangle of magic sometime. I will be one of the first in line to try one of those schools for sure!

@Autumn: You know . . .that's a very good question . . . how hard would that be? I have no idea. Might be a good article in there somewhere.

Cheats and Crackers said...

Oh, LOL. I must be reading too quickly. :P Anyway, thanks for making me aware of that, and thanks for answering.