Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Player Trading Card of the Day--Devin Fireheart

Today we're featuring the Devin Fireheart card:

She's a fellow Death wizard with an awesome attitude. She notes that her goal here is to gather all her level 50 gear. I think that's a very timely goal since things are looking a lot tougher with select bosses after the test realm. I'm hoping the tweak it a bit, because the people over at central are saying some of the fights are impossible.

Happy Dueling!


jesse nightshade said...

yep you herd right friendly the new bosses seem unstoppable I mean Ihaven't herd no one has so far beating the new malistair everybody is giving up on him.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to fight Malisrair even if he is 'unstoppable'
Alyssa Silverheart Level 11 diviner

Michael Firecatcher said...

ooooo can i get one friendly!
and new malistare you say jesse?

jesse nightshade said...

well it's the same old malistair but in the test realm he has 100,000 life points and he casting meteor strike with one pip every single round and is doing about 400 points of damage at the bigenning but the attack increases each round and he gets more than one turn ugh I really hope this new boss system doesn't reach live it just to hard I hope KI changes thier mind on the new boss system because it's almost every single major boss that is doing this n the test realm I really don't like the new boss system at all it's to hard core playing for me.

Alex SandStone said...

Well, I heard that Malistaire "might" stay at that health for live server, so I was off farming him for my balance robe and got it on 2nd try last night. But I had already farmed him like 10 times. So now I just need my deck from Zora SteelWeidler. :)