Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gathering 2009!

Yesterday was the 2009 Wizard 101 gathering sponsored by the Wikia and Evil Theurgists! I was a bit late because I was busy pulling weeds from my front lawn, but I did come inside in time to attend the last half and even brought Kyle along with me.

Here's the footage I got from the event!

Thanks for the fun! I was really happy to have met a bunch of you. :-)

Happy Dueling!


jesse nightshade said...

oh awesome I wish I was there I actually knew about the gathering since like the first day they annouce it I would of love to meet all wizard101 bloogers and you of course friendly but my computer doesn't let me play wizard 101 so I hope ther another gathering in six months or next year by that time I have a new computer for sure and well let me play wizard 101.

Anonymous said...

Where was I during this? :P

~Elijah Stormheart

AlexSandStone said...

Aww, I missed the gathering. I was to busy at the water parks in Wisconson, were on vacation. Hope I can meet you some other time friendly.


Sierra WinterBreeze said...

Darn, I missed it!

Texas Tech Rox said...

ok steven soulbreaker lvl 47 fire (me) and robert shadowbringer grandmaster death were farming chronius for his fire clothes for me and we both got a headmaster statue drop thought i would let oyu know i know its rare cause we have fought him a million times trying to get the clothes and wanted to let you know

-steven soulbreaker

Anonymous said...

Woohoo I'm on camera!! I got so psyched after the party that I levelled up to Grandmaster Thaumaturge, and finally got the Hoarder to drop the ice robe I've been farming.

Why wait another year for a Gathering? Let's do a welcome party for Grizzleheim when the test servers go live.

- Sierra StarSong