Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Improved Housing Item List

Whew . . . I am going blind from looking at spreadsheets tonight. I just compiled a huge list of items (541 of them) from three separate threads over at the Central into one grand table. I still want to add into this list all the crown items and vendor items for sale to create one huge master list. Click the link up top to check it out.

Previously I had only included the Housing Items that I had published on this blog as an item of the day. Now, wow . . . this is a resource that I will definitely use myself and I hope it serves you all very well.

I had linked to these threads (well two of them) previously. I also borrowed from Donna Pixiesong's thread here. I also combined in the stuff that I had found that wasn't mentioned as well.

So there are a lot of people to thank for those posts. Nice work to the community as a whole. I look forward to expanding this list as time goes on. Also, I'm still looking for a hosting solution that doesn't involve popups for those tables. Things will be improved!

Happy Dueling!


Fatal Exception said...

Wow, that's a lot of hard work. Gratz, and thank you for your continued efforts!

Countess Shadowbane said...

We bow to your blogging prowess! What an amazing amount of work - it is much appreciated. Thank you!

Isaiah Spelldust said...

This will help lots of others who need to fill their houses! Good Job!

Unknown said...

Hey Friendly! I've been looking at your blog for quite some time now I just never got to chance to post anything. But from now on I will.
Nice job on the item list its going to help a lot!

jesse nightshade said...

i'm guessing that grizzlheim won't be released until next tuesday.

jesse nightshade said...

oh I fogot your item of the day has been usefull since by looking at them I well know what items for my house I look and what boss drops them.I finally got my hydra statue.

Shy said...

Wow Thomas! This is fantastic! Thanks so much for putting all this together, I bet it took forever. Made me dizzy just reading it! I bow down to your superb blogger-ness. lol
Thanks again!

Matthew Willowblossom said...

Hey Friendly,

Absolutely wonderful job on the list and I was wondering if I could use the compiled info on the Wikia. (You spelled Krokotopia wrong a lot) Don't mean to be picky, it just caught my eye.