Sunday, June 21, 2009

How are you making those cards?

Katherine Deathstone asks this question:
Question=Well, I know this
is sort of random,
but how did you
make those trading
cards for your
kids? They are so

Thank you! Answer: Ancient Chinese Secret.

Actually, if you just do a google search on "make your own trading cards", then you'll find tons of links for making cards online.

Of course, I'm also doing some photoshopping so the look isn't so "canned." I may make further changes to the card as I go along. I really wish I had access to the software programs from work here at home. ;-)

Thanks for the question.

I figure I'm going to need 4 players from each class by the end of this for my finished 1st round "player deck" (There's going to be a monster deck as well . . .). I've been spending some time today figuring out some basic rules for this card game (of a card game) I want to develop.

Happy Dueling!

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