Friday, June 26, 2009

Player Trading Card of the Day--Sierra StarSong

Here's another avid supporter of The Friendly Necromancer! It's Sierra StarSong! (She goes by StarsongKY in all the other forums.)

It's great to finally get an ice caster in the deck! woot!

While we're at it, StarsongKY has some great advice you may want to check out here:

Some players recommend carrying a huge spell deck so you don't run out of cards, but then you have trouble drawing the card you want when you need it. A stripped down deck (or a partially full one) helps you get those critical cards but cut it too close or fizzle too much and you can run out.

If you find yourself frequently running low on cards, stop by Mildred Farseer in Colossus Boulevard to learn Reshuffle, and always include a pair of them in your deck. Why two? A single one lets you reshuffle once, but it's discarded after your deck resets so it can't come up again.

Always include two Reshuffles and discard the first one you draw, so you have one in your deck and one in your discard pile at all times. Then when you Reshuffle, you're shuffling one back in and discarding the other, effectively giving you a bottomless deck.

- StarsongKY from Wizard101Central

Thanks for the tip StarsongKY and it's a pleasure to have you as the featured player trading card of the day!


Lyssie Silverheart said...

Can I be on a card I may not be a level 40 somthin but can I!!!!

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Congratz StartsongKY!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for inviting me! You must be a good luck charm - Malistaire finally dropped his ice robe for me last night.

jesse nightshade said...

awesome new card friendly.

Anonymous said...

Where is Mildred Farseer?
Posted by Luke Emeraldrider

Anonymous said...

Mildred's house is hidden in Colossus Boulevard. As you enter the clearing with Mindy Pixiecrown, look to the left for a gap in the wall, Mildred's house is back there. She keeps her lights out to hide from the gobblers but young wizards can walk right in.