Sunday, June 14, 2009

Do you have information on the Emperor's Retreat?

Got a couple Questions here from a reader:

How many Kraken treasure cards do I need to get through the Emperor's Retreat in Krokotopia?
Also, how many bosses are there and their ranks + schools?
I hope you don't think this is pushey but what are their health numbers?
By the way can you meet me there on your level 50 Thomas LionBlood?
Realm:Greyrose Area:.1

How many Kraken treasure cards do you need to get through the Emperor's Retreat in Krokotopia? None! Just sail on through using your own deck!

BUT, I decided to go into the Emperor's Retreat this morning just to refresh my memory on the zone and answer your questions.

Basically you need to defeat five ice caster bosses all in the rank 3 or 4 catagory. Each comes accompanied with a companion. So, here's how they roll out (with health noted to the side):

Boss 1
Sokkwi Frostmancer--435 health
Prince Sutan Sokkwi--750 health

Boss 2
Sokkwi Frostmancer--435 health
Prince Kebi Sokkwi--750 health

(Don't get caught by any encorcelled slaves while freeing the mancers)

Boss 3
Sokkwi High Guard--525 health
Overseer Panini--750 health

Boss 4
Sokkwi High Guard--525 health
Keymaster--750 health

Boss 5
Sokkwi High Guard--525 health
Krokhotep--800 health

Now, a kraken treasure card costs 250 gold and damages for 605-665. Given that you are taking out any tower shields with a wand cast (these are all ice casters mind you) and that you are not buffing yourself up with any blades. It would take 15 Kraken Treasure cards for a total of 3,750 gold.

Me? I used 5 scarecrow cards 5 death blade cards and a few death traps.

Also, I've been getting a few requests for me to meet up with people and put them on my friend list. My friend list is actually full right now. I need to find some time to weed through it and find the extremely unfamiliar names and trim!

Maybe sometime in the future I'll post up a time and place when I'll be farming, and I can meet whoever shows up. So, I'll get back to you on that!

Happy Dueling!

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