Sunday, June 21, 2009

Are there houses for Grizzleheim?

Starsongky has a great question that she sent me,
Can we buy houses in Grizzleheim? I'd love to see what a house there looks like. That would help me decide whether to go ahead and buy that MooShu mansion I've been saving for, or wait and get one in Grizzleheim once it goes live.

Well, I dunno. I mean, I *thought* they said there were going to be Grizzleheim houses, but I haven't seen a vendor yet. Hmm, let me log on . . .

*time passes*
*insert jeopardy music*

Ok, I found the hut where the vendor is hiding!

It's just to the left of Mr. Ironclaws (that first NPC that Merle asks you to go see).

I ran inside and there's no turtle. There is a friendly bear fella selling some housing items though. Unfortunately his "castles" tab is greyed out.

People over at the Central seem to be asking the same question.

The official test realm patch notes page (found here) says this:
"As student wizards adventure through subsequent worlds, Grizzleheim will offer new quests, new locations to explore, new opponents and new Viking-themed decorative housing items interspersed throughout the mid and higher levels of the game."

Man, all I see from that statement is that there will only be new housing items.

Hmmm. Tell you what, I just sent Professor Greyrose an e-mail. I'll get back to you with an official statement from her if she gives one.

Happy Dueling!


12th Nightmare said...

I suspect they may give us Grizzleheim housing somewhere down the line cause if they aren't why bother putting the 'castle' icon on the sign. Out here in the 'real' world, you don't see stores advertising products they don't sell.

jesse nightshade said...

oh man that would really stink if they don't have houses in grizzlheim so far I love it and wouldn't mind buying a house there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for checking into it. Even if they don't have Grizzleheim houses, at least the items will let me give whatever home I end up with a rustic Nordic feel.

And as for advertising stuff they don't sell, the Dragonspyre jewelry shop advertises necklaces it doesn't carry, so there is an in-game precedent for it.

alexander deathflame said...

actually there is a house i just found it! for the price of 20000 gold and a crap load of items you need including 10 blizzard treasure cards you can have the grizzleheim watchtower hall! you get not from the castle store but the recipe vendor! torald wayfinder. and your going to need alot of items you cant just buy from a reagents shop cause i dont think any of them are reagents. so there you go if anyone can help me find these items that be great.

Rowan Silverflame said...

Just checked it out, it seems there have been a few changes. The recipe now costs 60,000 gold and requires the following "ingredients":

10 blizzard cards
20 Ghost Fire
4 Wooden Water Tower
4 Carved Stone Tower
15 Ornamental Stepstone
30 Stack of Wood Planks
8 Grassy Mound
2 Water Fountain

Did the preview walkthrough and I'd say it's a pretty neat house but not sure I'd want to wait for the length that it would take to save up for it.