Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can I get the Jade Oni Sword if I'm an ice wizard? (And Stone Roses?)

Here is a question from a reader that goes by the name Christina BlueCloud:

“I have battled and defeated Jade Oni numerous times now and still do not have the Jade Oni sword. I am an ice wizard. Can I not get the Jade Oni sword as an ice wizard? P.S. I am a mom whom is hopelessly addicted to Wizard 101. LOL

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice on this as well as hints to locations of the stone roses in dragonspyre.”

Oh, Christina, I share your pain. I battled Yeva Spiderkeeper in Dragonspyre for my hat so many many times. When she finally coughed it up, it was so awesome. Yes, you can get the Jade Oni sword as an ice wizard! Keep at it! Keep in mind that you’d rather be unlucky farming the Jade Oni than you would be farming your class robe from Malistaire. So, just pretend that you’re storing up your luck. Yeah, that will help. ;-)

OH, and Stone Roses you say!? All the information you need to farming the stone roses can be found under the discussion tab for the quest over at the Wikia. The big ones that you’re not going to want to miss are the stone rose locked away at the back of the Labyrinth and the stone rose up by Malistaire. The rest are not going to be so hard to get to, but those two roses are crucial. If you miss them, you’ll end up having to do a long instance all over again. (But most people end up doing the Malistaire instance a billion times anyway to get aforementioned class robe . . . unless you’re lucky . . . STORE UP THAT LUCK!)

Thanks for the question!

Happy Dueling!

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