Thursday, June 11, 2009

Housing Item of the Day--Marleybone Flag

I've got another Sestiva furniture item today. It's the Marleybone Flag from the Keys to Success quest.

I don't even want to know how Sestiva got that up there on top of her roof. Here's some general ladder safety tips kids. Be sure to pester your folks with these next time your dad wants to get on the roof to do Christmas lights:

1. Be sure straight ladders are long enough so that the side rails extend above the top support by at least 36"

2. Don't set up ladders in areas such as doorways or walkways where others may run into them, unless they are protected by barriers. Keep the area around the top and base of the ladder clear. Don't run hoses, extension cords or ropes on a ladder and create an obstruction.

3. Don't try and increase the height of a ladder by standing it on boxes, barrels or other materials. Don't try and splice two ladders together.

4. Set the ladder on solid footing against a solid support. Don't try and use a stepladder as a straight ladder.

5. Place the base of straight ladders out away from the wall or edge of the upper level, about one foot for every four feet of vertical height. Don't use ladders as a platform, runway or scaffold.

6. Tie in, block or otherwise secure the top of straight ladders to prevent them from being displaced.

7. To avoid slipping on a ladder, check your shoes for oil, grease or mud and wipe it off before climbing.

8. Always face the ladder and hold on with both hands when climbing up or down. Don't try to carry tools or materials in your hands.

9. Don't lean out to the side when you're on a ladder. If something is out of reach, get down and move the ladder.

10. Most ladders are designed to hold only one person at a time. Two may cause the ladder to fail or throw it off balance.

I'm also pretty sure, Sestiva didn't use one of these.


L. R. Jonté said...

I didn't use a Home Shopping Channel ladder, no. :p

What I did do, was I got to where we were standing in that screencap (the highest point on my lot) and placed it from there.

Stingite said...

Oh good! I want to ensure everybody's ladder safety today! ;-)